Analysts at JP Morgan securities suggest that production output of sapphire display covers are not enough to satisfy all iPhone 6 demand and say that sapphire will be restricted to higher-end variants of the iPhone 6 only, in a report highlighted by the Taipei Times.

JP Morgan says that sapphire display cover volume will be about 10 million units in 2014. To put this number into perspective, Apple sold 51 million iPhones in the first full quarter of iPhone 5s sales last year.

“Sapphire covers will also be restricted to high-end iPhones, possibly the 128GB [gigabyte] ones,” the brokerage said in the report.

The report says that sapphire will be limited to higher-capacity iPhone models, “possibly” only the 128 GB SKU’s. The additional cost of sapphire over Gorilla Glass also factor in, aside from pure production limitations.

Matching a report from yesterday, the analysts also suggest that not all iWatches will ship with sapphire coatings, either. Both the iWatch and the iPhone 6 are expected to be announced in the third quarter.

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12 Responses to “Analysts believe sapphire display covers will be limited to high-end iPhone 6 models only”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    The is without a doubt the most absurd thing I have ever heard.


  2. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    At this point, while anything is possible, I really doubt that Apple would differentiate their iPhone’s in such a seemingly poor way. Having the sapphire display cover on iPhone 6 in general would be a great way to market the phone to a larger audience. Limiting it to only one (the most expensive) model of the phone will severely limit the amount of customers who might otherwise be interested. Let’s not forget the analysts who claimed iPhone 5c wouldn’t have Siri to better differential it from the higher end 5s. Regardless it will sell a ton, but it is unlikely Apple would do this. We will see for sure in September.


  3. In a recent extreme torture test, sapphire display panel of iPhone 6 was shattered into pieces==>


    • Yes, because we know that’s a real display panel… and as we all know, everyone uses their display panel with JUST the panel. Forget the rest of the phone that adds to its strength.

      In case you aren’t aware, I’m being sarcastic.


  4. This is just as bad of a prediction as when the analysts were saying the iPhone 5C wouldn’t have Siri.


  5. Wes says:

    It amazes me daily how obviously completely wrong “analysts” are on a regular basis. They just make stuff up, get paid big bucks, and carry on with their day. Completely out of touch with reality and technology at all times.


  6. I believe they know exactly what they’re talking about. They’re trying to tank the stock so they can buy it cheap and make big bucks! Just look at GTAT over the past week. They’re getting CRUSHED by BS Analysts opinions. If you’ve got a few bucks laying around – now is a good time to buy some.


  7. iJonni says:

    Seriously? What company are they talking about? When has apple ever differentiated options like this? They only split based on capacity. That is all. There will not be two sizes. Just one. There will not be only select models with sapphire. They will all have it. That’s just how apple rolls. There is never an abundance of options.


  8. Apple doesn’t do “high end” models… everything they do is high end. It’ll be on all new iPhones unless they’re doing a “5Sc” type thing.