During Apple’s earnings call today for its fiscal Q3, the company shared an update on iPad sales into the education market noting that it’s now up to 13 million iPads sold worldwide. That’s up from the 8 million units worldwide it reported in February of last year meaning the company sold 5 million iPads into education in just over a year. Apple last year noted that it also sold 4.5M iPads into the U.S. education market. This year, the company said it currently has 85% share of the US education tablet market.

Apple also seemed to address speculation about weaker iPad sales and the future of the category with Tim Cook noting that the company remains “bullish about the future of the tablet market.” Cook noted that the new deal with IBM is one catalyst for growth in the tablet category and also went over some numbers about penetration in the enterprise including iPads in 99% of Fortune 500 companies and 93% of the global 500. “When we dig into it though our market share in the commercial sector in the US is good, it’s 76%, the penetration in business is low, it’s only 20. If you looked at the penetration of notebooks in business it would be over 60. We think there is a substantial upside in business…”

Cook also noted that more than 50% of the iPads Apple is selling are going to someone who is a first time tablet buyer, many of which are coming from countries outside the US where tablet sales are growing faster: “The market is bifurcated on iPad. In the BRIC countries, iPad did extremely well. The growth was very high. China it was in the 50’s, the middle east it was in the 60’s. In the developed countries like the US, the market is clearly weaker there…”

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4 Responses to “Tim Cook says Apple is ‘bullish about future tablet market’, now at 13M iPads into education worldwide”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    I don’t think iPad is in danger of becoming a failure – but it occurs to me that a big piece of the puzzle that causes a lack of sales is the relatively minor updates iPad tends to get year after year. Year to year, they all get slightly faster and powerful – with iPad Air being the lone drastic design shake up so far – and they have yet to add a real differentiating feature that iPhones tend to get much more frequently. Looking at Cook’s comments it would seem that Apple is ready to take iPad in a much more aggressive direction in terms of new features and experiences.


  2. I hope that means they are going to put some innovation into the tablet space for a change. Lighter, thinner, etc. is all well and good, but they need to really do something new to recapture the audience.

    How about letting us draw on them for example? How about letting us use them *instead* of phones? People aren’t going to buy a laptop, a tablet, a watch, and a phone. I would buy an iWatch for instance if it works with my iPad as well as it’s likely to work with the iPhone, but I doubt that will be the case, especially on the first model.


  3. jrox16 says:

    Apple is back… I can feel it. The fall/holiday quarter is going to explode Apple.