AgileBits, the team behind the 1Password security app that we’ve reviewed in the past, announced on in a company blog post that the upcoming iOS 8 update for the software will be free for all owners of the current version of the app.

The update, which is expected to debut around iOS 8’s launch this fall, is currently in a semi-public beta and takes advantage of new features in the operating system like Safari extensions, Touch ID, and more. If you don’t already own the current version of the iOS app, you can grab it at the steeply-discounted price of $9.99. The Mac version is also on sale for $34.99 (Reg. $50).

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11 Responses to “1Password for iOS goes on sale as developer confirms iOS 8 update will be free for current users”

  1. Damn! I just bought it a few days ago!! Grrrr


  2. I’ve heard whispers saying the 1Password iOS 8 update is coming April 2015. ;-)


  3. John Barry says:

    In conjunction with the desktop application, this is a must have for any Mac user. Really cool of AgileBits not to take advantage of loyal users.


  4. dugbug says:

    Everyone thought iCloud Keychain was their death knell but such a good job at building value now through extensions. And perhaps keyboards? Wouldn’t that be neat: a keybaloard with the password fill option


    • I have heard keyboard will never happen as all HTTPS sites have to use standard keyboard in IOS8


    • Have you opened iCloud Keychain on a Mac? Did you not get an instant headache? iCloud Keychain is a very simplistic application, that fails to be easy to use. The idea is that you never see it. At the same time some people may want to lock their passwords down with a secondary password. Sometimes people want to store Passport and Driver License info. With iOS 7 iCloud Keychain only worked with Safari – I don’t know if apps could even add support. Which is what stopped me from using it. Apple provided no non-mac client to view stored passwords. If I got logged out of an account on my iOS device, and left my Mac at home, I couldn’t use that app until I got home(or reset by email). Secondly, most apps already save your app login info and don’t require you to constantly log-in, so the functionality on iOS is limited. The 1Password iOS is handy – not $18 handy, but nonetheless worth the sale price.

      It’ll be more useful now that Apple is allowing auto-fill on iOS.


  5. I guess that may be right. I didn’t see the steep discount on 1PW. Grrrr I paid more too…LOL