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Electronics trade-in site Gazelle has today announced that it will lock trade-in prices for iPhones between now and September 9th for 50 days. This means that iPhone owners looking to upgrade can get a quote today, but not let go of their device until the new iPhone arrives, keeping the original quoted price.  Gazelle predicts that trade-in prices for iPhone 5s to fall up to 25% in the month following the expected iPhone 6 announcement.

Gazelle is also running another promotion in tandem, temporarily raising prices offered for iPhone 5s. Gazelle will now offer up to $350 for an iPhone 5s in perfect condition. Obviously, arranging an iPhone trade-in sooner rather than later will ensure you get the highest price for your devices.

Because of the deal, trade-in offers agreed on Gazelle’s website by September 9th can be frozen — meaning customers do not have to give away their phones until October 10th. See Gazelle’s website for more information and find out how much your device is worth.

Around the same time last year, Gazelle was offering about $350 for an iPhone 5, so the offered prices are comparable. However, as our comparison last year showed, it may be worth to look around as other traders may offer a better deal.

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11 Responses to “Gazelle extends iPhone trade-in prices until September 9th, just in time for iPhone 6”

  1. I usually stick to eBay (since you can typically get more money with a little bit of hard work), but this looks like a solid option.


    • luckydcxx says:

      eBay is loaded with scammers. Although if the deal does go through you will get more money from eBay, Gazelle is a guaranteed payment with no need to worry.


    • I have done one trade with Gazelle and was totally dissatisfied. Mailed in a perfectly working iPhone 5. It took them over 4 weeks to check it out. Wrote me back that they could only give me 70.00 for it because it was locked in a non bootable mode.. I know for a fact that when i sent it out, it was working fine, but i have no way to prove it, therefore i just went ahead and accepted the offer as i didn’t have any need for the phone.. It seems to me your at the mercy of the individual who checks in your phone. your word against his.. Will not be doing business with them again.. Craigslist or eBay is a much better route to take.


      • Yikes. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s why I stick with eBay to be honest. At least I know I’ll make my money back. Even with scammers, I feel a little more at ease with eBay.


  2. patstar5 says:

    How much will a 64gb iPhone 5 att unlocked in almost perfect condition get on eBay?


  3. $195 for an unlocked 64GB iPhone 5? Ouch. No thanks.


  4. xprmntr says:

    Keep your phones, they can be used as iPods, home security cams, plus any number of uses, the parts are easy and cheap enough to replace yourself too.


  5. nsxrebel says:

    Gazelle is a joke. You’re better off selling your phone on Craigslist. Just deal with someone face to face, in a public area. Cash only.


  6. Ian McIver says:

    Cellbeach dot com is paying more for iPhones than anyone. A lot more than Gazelle. I sold my iPhone 5 to them for a really high price.