Parallels 6 officially announced

Well, it looks like Parallels 6 was officially announced, for realz this time. Parallels 6 is the fastest version of Parallels to date and you’ll be able to get your hands all over it on September 14th; that’s just 5 days! You’ll get 5.1 digital surround sound and a supposed 40% graphics performance boost. In terms of advanced Mac-PC integration, parental controls on the Mac side will carry over to the PC side.

Parallells 6 will be available for $79.99 but upgraders can save 30 bucks and get it for a penny under $50. Users who made their Parallels 5 purchase on or after the 15th of August can upgrade for… Free.

As a commenter points out… you can already upgrade to Parallels 6 for that 49.99 price point.

Game Center compatible titles coming through

The Game Center compatible-games are beginning to populate, starting with Ms. Pac-Man earlier, and now two awesome titles from Firemint. Both of Firemint’s popular iPhone titles, Flight Control and Real Racing, were updated today for Game Center. They should hit the App Store very soon.

Feel free to add me on Game Center. I’m Gurman.

Update: The updates from Firemint appear to now be live, and some games from Pangea including Cro-Mag Rally were updated for Game Center also. Firemint Game Center integration screenshots and app update logs after the break.

More Updates: Farmville and iMobster Don have been updated for Game Center. – Thank you loyal reader, Randall! The very popular World Series of Poker was also just updated for Game Center! – Thanks, Kevin.

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First Look: Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards

We reported that Game Center’s first compatible title hit today, and users are already playing it. Here is our first look at “High Score” boards and achievements.

The main multi-player screen for Ms. Pac-Man allows access to the leaderboards, the achievements center, and recent games stats:

The leaderboard screen ranks all the gamers by score and you can choose to view this list for “all time,” “today,” or “this week.”:

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Apple: Just kidding, no vibrate on new iPod touch

Last week we discovered that Apple has included a vibrate mechanism on the new iPod touch as an accessibility tool for those unable to hear when a FaceTime call is incoming. Well, today Apple has amended their iPod touch accessibility page removing the line you see highlighted in the screenshot below.

It is not clear while Apple decided to remove the vibrate function from the iPod touch as it seemed like a pretty neat feature for consumers but even better for those really in need of it, like the deaf. The folks down at iFixit even tested this by simply receiving a FaceTime call on their iPod touch 4. They can confirm Apple’s change in plans. This does not even seem to be some Apple copy/paste or photoshop error as they were very clear to say “a vibrating alert – on your iPod touch.”

New iPod touch vibrates

A fairly undocumented feature in the new iPod touch is the ability for the device to vibrate like the iPhone. It seems this vibrate function was designed with the deaf in mind, as its primary use is vibrating when a FaceTime is received. Apple markets FaceTime as the perfect way to have a phone call using sign language, and vibrate helps hard-of-hearing users know when a call is incoming.

No word on whether this vibrate function can be used in games and such like on iPhones but hopefully we’ll find that out soon. Another change in this year’s iPod touch is the absence of the plastic WiFi antenna strip. It will be interesting to see if it has any affect on signal strength.

See internals below:

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Ping nets 1 million users, iTunes 10 gets 3 million downloads

It’s only been around 48 short hours since the launch of Apple’s Ping social music network, and the service has already managed to get one million users. According to Apple’s Chief of Internet stuff, Eddy Cue, those one million Ping accounts make up 1/3 of iTunes downloads. If you crunch those numbers you’ll find out iTunes 10 has already had 3 million downloads. Read more