Apple looking for Mac App Store reviewers

We know Apple will have a lovely app review process for the Mac too and Apple has just started hiring the dudes and dudettes for the job. In order to get the job you have to be hardworking and ready to test some wonderful Mac applications. You also need to know how to use Mac OS X, which seems sort of obvious since its the Mac OS X App Store.

Apple Worldwide Developer Relations is seeking a software application specialist; someone who is meticulous, analytical, able to exercise objective analysis, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment and has strong customer service skills.

Candidate needs to be able to organize and prioritize a heavy workload. The candidate must be hardworking, detail-oriented, and able to work quickly & efficiently. We˙re looking for a self-starter, a quick learner with excellent communication skills, who is able to work independently and as part of a team.

Experience with Mac OS X required.
Proficiency in written French, German or Japanese a plus.

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Free apps make big money on the App Store

There’s money in free. Please, bear with me, it may sound counter-intuitive, but why else are one-third of the top-grossing iPhone apps made available via the App Store free apps?

In-app purchasing has opened up new opportunities to developers to entice users with quality apps for free (the carrot) and then to upsale new features, layers, levels or any other conceivable kind of virtual good (I bought an obelisk once) via in-app purchasing, GigaOm tells us. Read more

Skyfire CEO talks iPhone, Apple, and Adobe

As we told you earlier the Skyfire flash-video playing app for iPhone is extremely popular and today Skyfire’s CEO sat down with CNN to discuss the app as well as the Flash war between Apple and Adobe. You may want some popcorn for the almost four minute interview.

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iTunes Connect will be closed December 23-28

Apple has let their iOS developers know via iTunes Connect that iTunes Connect will in fact be closed December 23-28. Apple’s App Store app managment service will become available again on December 29th. This does not affect app consumers in anyway but will not allow developers to make changes to or submit any new apps during that time frame.

iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Thursday, December 23 through Tuesday, December 28 for the winter holidays. iTunes Connect access will be back online for use on December 29. If you choose to set an available date for your app to go live during the scheduled holiday shutdown, your app will not go live on the App Store until iTunes Connect resumes for business on December 29. Please plan your releases accordingly.

Apple notes that developers should be sure to plan their releases accordingly and we recommend that you developers shouldn’t try anything funny on December 22nd or something like that.

All Hail Apple's App Store Hall of Fame

The App Store’s full of apps, thousands of them, but its still a little tricky sorting through them all, now Apple’s put together a new element to guide you to the most popular ones, the “App Store Hall of Fame”.

The Hall of Fame features the top fifty apps of all time, Apple says, describing these as the ‘best of the best’. The list includes both free and paid apps. Read more