How to fix iOS 4.2's disappearing iPod app music glitch

The customary series of unexpected fault reports are coming through the wires this am, with iOS 4.2 reportedly munching music on some iPhones and causing hassles with HDMI on the Apple TV. Here’s what we got so far, and we hope, nay, urge readers with further information to use comments below to help each other out on this. Read more

Apple begins approving CoreMIDI on 4.2 with the USB Camera Connection kit

I think we’re in for a micro-revolution in music and entertainment apps for the iPad.  MacRumors detailled DJay app last week which took advantage of a number of new features of 4.2:

  • – Full access to iPod library
  • – Multi-tasking: you can run djay in Automix mode and listen to a continuous, seamless mix running in the background while you surf the web, play games, etc.
  • – AirPlay: you can wirelessly stream your mix to your Apple TV or AirPort Express station in real-time.
  • – Fully leverages accelerated CPU extensions (SSE-like) for high-quality audio processing and analysis
  • – Very low latency (< 3 msec)
  • – Background audio playback (multi-tasking support)
  • – Pre-Cueing (via mono/stereo adapter)

The first crop of apps that use CoreMIDI on 4.2 with the USB Camera Connection kit are hitting the App Store. Here’s Luminair:

(Remember the iPad is not a content creation tool!)

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Find my iPhone updated to work for free, required for previous users

Apple has pushed out an update to their Find my iPhone app to work for free (as announced earlier), to support 30 more languages. Also, this update is required for previous users who want to still be able to locate their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Get it here for free.

• iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch owners can use Find My iPhone for free with their Apple ID (iOS 4.2 required)
• Support for 30 additional languages
• Important: this update is required for users of the previous version of Find My iPhone app (v1.0 and v1.0.1)

Some readers have let us know that free MobileMe is working on their iPhone 3GS. Anyone else? Comments or

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App Store: 300,000 apps, 40,000 are for iPad

Apple today announced in their iOS 4.2 press release that the App Store has finally hit 300,000 active applications. Interestingly enough, 40,000 of them are for the iPad making the other 260,000 apps for the iPhone/iPod touch. Apple also notes that the App Store is available in 90 countries with 20 categories of applications available.

Today, customers have downloaded more than seven billion apps from the groundbreaking App Store and more than 300,000 apps are available to consumers in 90 countries, with more than 40,000 native iPad apps. Over 125 million iOS users around the world can choose from an incredible range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel.

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News Corp. and Apple to launch tablet-only newspaper, ‘The Daily,’ later this month

We have been telling you about an iPad-only newspaper created by News Corp. being in the works for sometime and today the Guardian claims the project will be unveiled later this month with some interesting new information. This newspaper project will be called The Daily and will be a newspaper that is only available on the iPad as well as other tablets in the future. That means no web or print version. The newspaper will be a downloadable application that will cost 99 cents a week to use. For just under $4 a month you will have full access to this tablet-only newspaper.

The Daily will be a huge deal and will be managed right on the 26th floor of the News Corp. offices in New York with 100-150 journalists dedicated to the newspaper. The lead-editor of The Daily is yet to be announced but claims say The New York Post’s managing editor, Jesse Angelo, will take the lead job. According to the Guardian, News Corp. leader, Rupert Murdoch, has taken a huge role in the project and pictures it as the future of online news content. He believes that “consumers are willing to pay for high- quality, original content.” This corroborates with Steve Job’s vision since the iPad’s launch as well.

Apple engineers have reportedly been working on the technical side of things and the launch of The Daily is said to coincide with the launch of an Apple newspaper-subscription service. Some other reports claim that News Corp. has invested $30M into the project. The Daily will reportedly launch exclusivly on Apple’s iPad by the end of this month but will eventually make its way to other tablet devices in the near future.

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iTunes Connect app updated: iPad, multitasking, Retina, and iBooks stats support

Apple has released an update for their iTunes Connect Mobile application which allows iOS developers to track and manage their App Store applications. The new update includes jazzed up graphics for the iPhone 4 and 4th-generation iPod touch Retina display, support for iOS 4 multitasking, and support for the viewing of iBookstore statistics for your books.

The application for the first time is also now a universal binary that works on the iPad. This is the same application Mac App Store developers will use to track their apps. Developers can download the new iTunes Connect Mobile app here for free.

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News Corp's tablet-only publication coming soon

Reuters reports that News Corp executive James Murdoch has confirmed that News Corp will be soon revealing and launching a publication specific for distribution on tablet computers like Apple’s iPad. Murdoch told journalists that the publication is a “tablet-only product and it’s very exciting.” So far there is no specific word as to what this tablet-only publication will entail and Murdoch went on to speak about the tablet form-factor in general.

“The tablet in general, it lends itself to a type of journalism that is really new,” Murdoch said, highlighting the way print looks on tablets and the multi-touch screens that encourage interaction from readers.

The iPad was originally billed by Apple as the future of newspapers and reading and has already made a nice dent in the ebook market with their popular iBooks application along with their iBookstore. Popular publications like the New York Times and Washington Post are also believing in the iPad as a fantastic news distribution device and this is demonstrated from both of the publication’s iPad news apps.

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Web browsing and coming to new Apple TV via hack

FireCore has announced that they will be bringing a neat software suite to the second-generation Apple TV that includes both a web browser and a application. The software suite is called aTV Flash (black) and will be released as a beta in a couple weeks. The web browser is called Couch Surfer and it will support most browsing functions and some plugins in the future (no word on flash). Here’s a video of it in action:

FireCore will also be bringing to the new Apple TV via an application that looks great. The streaming functionality looks fluid and you can take a peak at for Apple TV via the video walkthrough after the break:

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