FaceTime for Mac beta has big security flaw

Into every life a little rain must fall, or so they say — so hot on the heels of the release of beta Facetime software which lets Mac users chat to their iPhone-using buddies, a German Mac website is warning there’s a nasty security gremlin in the code.

Principally, miscreants can easily get access to a FaceTime user’s Apple ID and reset the password, the site warns. Read more

Developers, get your Apps ready for the Mac App Store!

Along with releasing XCode 3.2.5, Apple has posted a new area on its Mac Developers site which shows developers how to prepare their Mac Apps for the store.  Submissions will begin in November and the Store will roll out to users on Snow Leopard at the beginning of 2011.

A sneak peak of what developers are in for is below: Read more

Android isn't 'open', Joe Hewitt slams Google's OS claims

Developer Joe Hewitt scored acres of anti-Apple coverage when he slammed the company for its closed iOS development environment — I wonder, then, just how much coverage his latest rant will achieve now Hewitt is slamming Google for claiming Android is “open”, when it isn’t really.

At the center of Hewitt’s argument is that Google’s Android code — which claims to be open in the same sense as Firefox or other open projects — isn’t really developed in the same way. That’s because Google keeps code development of the OS in house until it is ready to release it.
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Macs will increase enterprise share by 57 percent – report

The Enterprise Desktop Alliance has published survey results which claim that Macs will be the fastest growing systems in the enterprise through 2011.

The EDA claims tech purchasers now see the Mac as more productive machines, and are finding tools to integrate tham into existing networks.

Macs will climb from 3.3% of all systems in 2009 to 5.2% in 2011. Those figureds may be small, but the survey also claims 25% of all new systems to be added in the enterprise will be Macs. Read more

Mac OS X 10.7 to borrow some iOS UI features — claim

I’ve spent some time wondering about this — how Apple will integrate iOS within the Mac OS X experience — take a look here and here — now it looks like we’re going to find this out at tomorrow’s Apple event, with iOS scrolling, quick look and popovers all set to reach the Mac.

The integration isn’t finished yet. Mac OS X 10.7 simply borrows elements from iOS which can be translated into a Mac using paradigm. The interface gets an overhaul but remains Aqua-based. Read more