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Enterprise ▪ October 26, 2010

Steve Jobs went ballistic, giving Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer an earful for stealing the most important games developer then on the Mac, Bungie Software, way back in 2000.

As a result of Jobs’ angry call to Ballmer, Ed Fries, the former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft, and the man central to Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare and Bungie, was told to broker a deal with Apple to appease Jobs.

As the video above shows, Jobs was particularly annoyed at the Microsoft deal because he’d hosted a public preview of Halo at a Macworld Apple event just months before. The loss of the game to the platform was a personal blow. expand full story

Enterprise ▪ October 22, 2010

Enterprise ▪ October 21, 2010

Into every life a little rain must fall, or so they say — so hot on the heels of the release of beta Facetime software which lets Mac users chat to their iPhone-using buddies, a German Mac website is warning there’s a nasty security gremlin in the code.

Principally, miscreants can easily get access to a FaceTime user’s Apple ID and reset the password, the site warns. expand full story

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