Apple posts Antenna Conference and launches Antenna Site

Here’s the full show.  The Q&A has been edited out for clarity.

Also, Apple has created a special page for showing other manufacturers with a similar ‘death grip’ problems.  That finger spot you can touch on your iPhone 4 also exists on other smarphones including those from Samsung, HTC, and Blackberry.   We suspect those manufacturers will not be too pleased about the publicity.

Apple shipping redesigned iPhone in October?

Another interesting comment from the Q&A.  

Connie at Bloomberg (The very same with the “Bullshit story about the antenna”): “Why Sept. 30 for case limit?” Answer from Jobs: “We just are going to wait and see, maybe we’ll have a better idea. It’s just a chance to say we’ll reevaluate it in September.”

The free bumpers w/ iPhone deal lasts until September 30th.

That sounds like they are going to make an effort to change the design by October to us.  It might be subtle – something as small as a non-conductive acrylic laminant over the ‘spot’ but it seems Apple is working on something and for whatever reason, they’ve given themselves a September 30th deadline.  


Apple has 'Verizon cell sites on campus,' Heavily testing Verizon iPhone?

During this morning’s iPhone 4 antenna press conference, an answer from Jobs during the Question and Answer sessions struck us hard.  When asked specifically about the death grip on Apple’s iPhones, Jobs responded: “We’ve got a strong signal here.  We have AT&T and Verizon cell sites on campus”.

It isn’t so much that Jobs said that they had a Verizon tower on their campus.  That isn’t surprising.  It is that he said it in respnse to an iPhone death grip reproduction problem.   Was this a intentional or unintentional slip on Jobs’ part?   Dunno.