Ruh Roh! Rival smartphone antenna performance videos vanish from

Yeah… not really much to say, except that Apple’s videos about their competitors antenna performance have seemed to pull a Criss Angel, and disappear from the company’s website. It probably has to do with their unhappy rivals or maybe they want to pull Antennagate back into the spotlight for another round of press.

You can still try to find a glimpse of the videos at their official YouTube channel here

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The magnet touch – essential kitchen iPad accessory…

Got to love this and do hope the UK design company sell a boatload of these to the millions of iPad buyers out there — introducing the FridgePad from Woodford Design.

In their own words, “The FridgePad magnetically mounts your iPad to your kitchen fridge so it’s at the heart of your home and in a perfect location for all the family to use.

“The FridgePad can be used in landscape or portrait mode, allows the iPad to be simply clipped in and out for fast access and provides a great safe and secure place to store your iPad.

“The FridgePad is an accessory to make the iPad work better for you. This really is one of those products that once you have tried it you’ll love it.”

We also like that the company appears committed to good quality product design, where it writes, “Woodford Design wanted to take iPad accessories to the next level of quality, so the FridgePad is more than just a fridge magnet. It has been cast and machined out of a solid chunk of high quality aluminium and will be offered in a luxurious silver finish./”

It costs

War report: UK army gets iPad for artillery

We mentioned just last week the new generation of “defense” related iOS apps, now we get news that “UK soldiers use iPad app to train for Afghan operations”.

That’s right, UK troops are using an iPad and an app to learn how to handle a fire mission, the BBC explains.

It helps boost learning of technical jargon and procedures, apparently and is being described as part of an attempt to harness “smartphone and tablet technology … to speed up training across the army.”

Major Rich Gill is an army training officer involved in rolling out the app.

He said: “If we can use this sort of technology, we can probably shorten the amount of training and that is pretty key nowadays when people are so committed to operations in Afghanistan.
Army iPad app Soldiers at the Wiltshire base say the iPad app has made training fun

“There’s so much they need to do before they go there and when they come back.

“If we can use this to reduce the amount of training it’ll be fantastic.”

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WWDC 2011: Apple focus turns to OS X 10.7

Apple is prepared to invest every ounce of company muscle, intellect, invention and clout in order to ensure that ally-now-rival, Google, can never again claim bragging rights to innovating ahead of industry trends. And Cupertino is already planning radical user interface innovation in OS X 10.7.

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