Magic Trackpad needs non-magical update

If you purchased a Magic trackpad today, you’ll need to do a good old fashioned Software Update to get the software working on it properly. You’ll also need 10.6.4 to get inertial scrolling and the three-finger drag gesturing working properly as well. More info including manual update here.

Oh, and if you have a MacBook/Pro, you get inertial scrolling and the three-finger drag gesturing as well.


Apple selling 24 inch LED Display for $799 until stock depletes

This morning’s announcement of the stunning 27 inch LED Display not only brought along a great new product, but ended production of the 30 inch Cinema Display and the 24 inch LED Display. Apple surely still has some of those obsolete monitors in their warehouses so they’ll be selling them until they’re out of them. On a mission to get these older screens to sell like hotcakes, Apple has lowered price of the LED 24 inch-er a whole Benjamin to $799. — That’s way cheaper than Dell’s competing offering.


As for the 30 inch Cinema Display, it’s still hanging at that *great* deal of $1799. Either way, the 27 inch LED is taking over town and Apple’s older display offerings will be gone soon. 

Magic Trackpad gets real, costs $69

Apple has just released their Magic Trackpad which has been anticipated since October ’09. It’s just like the spy shots from June, and packs all the features of the MacBook/MacBook Pro trackpads, except it’s larger. It’s ergonomic and is the same height as the wireless keyboard for ease of use. It requires 2 AA batteries, includes preferences, and ships today. 

Apple Releases AA Battery Recharger

Apple’s dropped another product today, and that’s a device to recharge your rechargeable AA batteries. It’s pretty simple; it takes 2 AA’s at a time and charges them via a wall outlet. It costs $29 and ships in 2-4 business days. Neat!