SimCity, 9 other games for iPhone from EA

EA has been hard at work on iPhone Applications and has made and announcement that, along with Spore Origins, it has nine applications that will be ported to the iPhone.  SimCity is the one we are really excited to see.

Here’s hoping that they totally redo these application for iPhone.  We are sick of the 200mb sized Sudoku type games that take 20 minutes to start and slow down our whole synching process.  Gameloft, we are looking at you.  EA games announced:


  • YAHTZEE Adventures
  • EA Mini Golf
  • Lemonade Tycoon™
  • Mahjong
  • MONOPOLY: Here & Now The World Edition
  • SimCity
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09
  • Need for Speed™ Undercover
  • The Sims™ 3.

IM+ links iPhone with multiple IM platforms


We’ve been hoping someone would get this together, so we figured we should shout about Shape Services, which has introduced a free instant messaging client for the iPhone which is compatible with many different IM services.

"The award-winning IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger for chats within AIM / iChat, MSN / Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM from any iPhone and iPod Touch.


"Communicate with friends and colleagues wherever you are regardless of location and mobile operator," the App Store blurb says – the product’s doing pretty well – it has shot straight into the top 25 downloads on the service.

Main features include:

– All public IMs in one client. 

– No cost per message.

– Simple and user-friendly interface.

– Inbox view to keep an eye on all open dialogs and unread messages.

The developer behind the software develops a wide range of solutions, with particular regard to mobile platforms.


Nanny Apple grows over-judgmental

 The developer of Pull My Finger, an iPhone application, told MacRumors that Apple decided to reject his application from the App Store because it was of "limited utility to the broad iPhone and iPod touch user community".

The puerile application generates different sounds of flatulence, and while the developer knows its not world-shattering, he (rightly) argues that it’s only a bit of fun – and there’s many other limited use apps in the App Store. We ask, has Apple become far too judgmental? Comments…


The Easiest 10 Million Bucks Ever Made

This is ridiculous. After all the hype (at least to me… I love Seinfeld), Microsoft managed to take the funniest guy of all time, place him with the least funniest guy of all time, and create an advertisement that not only made no sense, but actually made Apple look even cooler than they did before the ad. I am secretly kind of upset: while its obviously good for an Apple fan when Microsoft makes a mistake, I like Seinfeld so much, I wanted to see something clever and unique. Instead I saw the biggest waste of 10 million dollars of all time. Besides, the whole joke saying “Bill is so rich! But yet he’s buying cheap stuff? Oh the comedic irony!” is old: we already saw this when they spoofed his last day at work.

Check out the video here.

New Nano Photo: Love the Photo, Hate the Leak

Either this is a perfect mockup, or the real thing. My money is on the real thing, and I sure hope I cash in. This is by far the sleekest looking nano yet, and I have said since the nano was created that the screen should be portrait when held upright, rather than landscape. I would really give it my approval if it had an accelerometer, allowing the device to go in to cover flow when held sideways, and if the click wheel changed what it displayed depending on the way you held it. This would help avoid confusion when holding the nano sideways.

As I have said before, I believe that this wont be the only nano we see. I have a feeling that there will be an iPod Touch Nano to accompany it on Tuesday. This would definitely be a welcome addition to the lineup, as its obviously that touch will eventually take over the entire lineup… its just a question of when. When this does happen, I will be the first in line to purchase an iPod Classic Touch (160 GB w/multi-touch?!? Yes please!)

While I’m excited to see this is the design of the new nano, I’m pretty shocked we are seeing this. Apple’s secrecy has dropped to an all-time low. I remember years ago when rumors were rarely true, and a photo like this could only be seen after the keynote. I always hoped a picture like this would get leaked, as it was unthinkable back then. Now, I wish the opposite. The excitement I had when I watched the Macworld 07 keynote was only made possible because of Apple’s secrecy. I knew that Apple would announce the iPhone, but I had no idea what it would look like. I expected a flip phone, or at best, a stylus driven, slide out keyboarded, “smart phone”. I was not prepared at all for what came, and that excitement placed me in a reality distortion field for over a year (until all of my 2.0 bugs). If I had seen a photo before the event, I would not have been nearly as excited, and that’s why I wish Apple would tighten what they let out, and if they do let it out, they should remove it promptly like they used to.

Until Apple tightens the lid, enjoy the picture! Do you like the new nano, or not?


iPhone v.1 is second-hand market star

We had a hunch this may happen – and the latest Business Week report confirms it has – the first-generation iPhone is become the second-hand market’s plat du jour…

We anticipated that on the release of the iPhone 3G the market would initially be saturated with first-gen iPhones, as users got rid of them in order to upgrade.

We also thought that – given unlocking tools and a rich crop of applications are already available for any jailbroken iPhone (1G?) – the second user iPhone would become a cult object, creating its own alternate ecosystem.

The report hints that’s what’s taking place. eBay prices currently suggest the 16GB iPhone to be worth $600 while the 8GB model is worth a tidy $500 on the second hand market. As TUAW notes, "In other words, the $250 AT&T refurb specials from March are now worth roughly double what you paid for them."

The majority of these iPhones are being shipped out of the US for resale (or perhaps for use in countries such as India in which potential customers are a little reluctant to pay the huge price tag). 

However, there’s also strong demand in the US for these devices, the report notes – particularly from users who don’t mind sacrificing a few features in order to free themselves from the thrall of being hitched-up to AT&T.

"Whatever the reason, sales of the old iPhone are booming, and plenty of other companies besides NextWorth want in on the resale action. Many are striking trade-in agreements with retail stores like Circuit City (CC) to accept old iPhones on the spot," Business Week notes.

Imitation is flattery – an iPhone clone

Not a rerun exactly – this is newly-released video shows you just how far handset manufacturers will go to attempt reproduction of the iPhone/iPod touch experience on their devices. This gadget’s called the Meizu M8 and the video was released by the CEO of the company.


Adobe to webcast CS4 introduction September 23

Adobe will introduce its all-new Adobe Creative Suite 4 series of applications in a special online event on September 23 – and is inviting creatives to pre-register for the webcast of the launch. 

It’s been an open secret the company intends launching the new software at some point this year, now the cat’s escaped the bag and Adobe plans to stream a webcast of the new features inside the creative application power tools set.

"It’s going to be brilliant: See the unveiling of new Adobe Creative Suite 4 on September 23," Adobe explains on its website.

Adobe’s plan to webcast the event was revealed on the blog of Adobe’s Lee Brimelow, last night.

"That’s right we will be officially announcing the 4th version of the Creative Suite on September 23," he wrote. "Now before you get the wrong idea, this is NOT the release date but rather our official unveiling of it."

He also counselled: "Get plenty of sleep now as you will have more new toys than you’ll know what to do with very soon."

Adobe released public betas of new versions of Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Soundbooth as free downloads on Adobe labs in May. Once downloaded and launched, the betas work for 48 hours after which time only Creative Suite 3 customers will have an extended ability to use the betas "until the next release of Creative Suite becomes available", the company has previously said.

Some information on the Photoshop CS4 UI was also revealed earlier this year.

Shiny iPhone charms legal profession

Apple’s iPhone 3G seems set to knock BlackBerry out of some markets, with the device on the way to becoming the most popular smartphone for the legal profession.

"I suspect most law firms will soon, if they aren’t already, be trialling iPhones, and as a single mobile platform makes sense, I suspect that over time these firms will also standardise on iPhones," said John Duckett, IT general manager at DLA Phillips Fox. The IT decision-maker notes that as the business applications available for the Apple device widen in number the iPhone will become more focused and useful to business. And Apple’s move to license ActiveSync has been a crucial step.

"Although an iPhone is primarily aimed at the consumer market it’s still going to be very attractive to the corporate world, and that includes the legal market," said Duckett.

"Mobile computing devices such as the iPhone are probably one of the few areas where there is the possibility of increasing productivity, and legal firms will be quick to recognise this."

Via: ITWire