Posh hotels offer iPad newspapers while publishers demand in-app subscriptions…

Yet more evidence iPad is a more than just a netbook-killer — it is also expanding what computing devices can be used for. Last week we spoke about a posh NYC restaurant which now offers its wine lists using an iPad, now we learn international hotel chain, Sofitel, is offering iPads pre-populated with newspapers to some of its guests.

Meanwhile, publishing industry magnates are furious with Apple because it won’t yet allow them to charge subscription fees from within their apps. However, it is thought that while the publishers seek to keep all the cash from subs sales, AAPL wants its 30 percent. I anticipate a deal will be reached.

Back to Sofitel, and guests staying in high class suites in Paris, London (above), Munich and Brussels get lent iPads during their stay. They can use these to “choose from a selection of six newspapers and magazines for each of the six selected countries: the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the US,” reports Travolution.

Sofitel will in future expand the iPad news service across its worldwide network of 130 properties.

JailbreakMe FaceTime and MMS fix out, Unlock available in 48 hours

Earlier we reported the JailbreakMe’s jailbreak system breaks the FaceTime and MMS features on many user’s devices. Since then, the Dev-Team has worked closely with the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman aka Saurik, to issue a fix. New JailbreakMe users should simply proceed normally and a new version of the jailbreak will be installed that will not remove FaceTime or MMS from the iPhone.


Users who already installed JailbreakMe get an easy fix as well. They should simply navigate to Cydia and upgrade to the latest software. Additionally, PlanetBeing announced on his Twitter profile that a compatible unlock will be available in 48 hours. They are reportedly amidst internal testing of the unlock software. 

JailBreakMe 2.0 (iOS Jailbreak via Safari) on Video [Updated]

Here’s the video of JailBreakMe on an iPhone 3G:

Here’s the video of JailBreakMe on an iPhone 4 (faster!)

Feel free to ask some questions in the comments. And yes, FaceTime still works. 

Update: We’ve been told by Chronic Dev-Team that FaceTime and MMS may not work properly on some devices. To fix, do a fresh restore and re-jailbreak — that may do the trick. Let us know. 

Update 2x: We’ve installed the jailbreak on 4 iPhone 4s and both FaceTime and MMS still work flawlessly on all devices. 

Update 3x: One of our devices lost FaceTime and MMS after restarting. 

Update 4x: An official fix for the FaceTime and MMS issues is now available, and a compatible carrier unlock will reportedly become available in 48 hours.  

iOS Jailbreak via Mobile Safari is here

The iPhone Dev Team (Comex) has just unleashed a new jailbreak tool for all iOS devices and it’s done through Mobile Safari! Head to http://www.jailbreakme.com from Safari on your iDevice and get going! This is the “JailBreakMe 2.0 star” jailbreak for this into all the codewords. 


The servers are definitely stumped right now so try http://www.jailbreakme.modmyi.com — that worked for us. 

We can verify that this jailbreak is meant to run on all iOS devices including iPad and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 and 4.01. It will not work on iOS devices running iOS 4.1 beta. 

Update: We’ve got video on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G!

iPhone sees biggest Web market share gain ever in July

Some good news from the folks at NetApplications for Apple.  It turns out that the iPhone gained significant market share in July.

  • iPhone posted its largest single-month usage gain ever in July. “What antenna problems?!”
  • Global usage share jumped from .59% to June to .7% in July. (In comparison, the May to June share was essentially flat)  
  • The iPhone grew usage share at over twice the pace of Android. 


Ruh Roh! Rival smartphone antenna performance videos vanish from Apple.com

Yeah… not really much to say, except that Apple’s videos about their competitors antenna performance have seemed to pull a Criss Angel, and disappear from the company’s website. It probably has to do with their unhappy rivals or maybe they want to pull Antennagate back into the spotlight for another round of press.

You can still try to find a glimpse of the videos at their official YouTube channel here

via Tech Crunch