iOS Devices ▪ June 26, 2011

iOS Devices ▪ June 25, 2011

iOS 5 includes support for China’s QQ,, and email services – in the same way that the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch supports services like MobileMe and GMail. As Apple attempts to make a bigger impact on the Chinese market, adding new support for mainstream Chinese services is critical. Apple COO Tim Cook was recently spotted meeting with China Mobile executives ahead of a rumored deal to bring the iPhone to the world’s largest carrier. expand full story

In early May, we reported that Apple is bringing a long-awaited over-the-air iOS software update feature to iOS 5. Sure enough, Apple announced the feature as a part of their iOS devices become PC-free initiative, but the keynote did not specifically mention that updates over 3G are coming (even though the phone showed a 3G symbol). Now, in line with our earlier report, we have discovered – through the iOS 5 SDK – that iOS 5 will, in fact, support over-the-air firmware upgrades over 3G networks. (Thanks, Sonny Dickson)

There is a catch, though. Based on these SDK findings, it looks like only certain iOS updates will support downloads over 3G. Perhaps small point upgrades like 5.1.1 will come over 3G but 5.1 will have to come over WiFi. Or perhaps 5.1 can come over 3G but 6.0 has to be downloaded over a WiFi network.

This update requires a Wi-Fi network connection to download.

Another catch will likely be carrier support, but that is unconfirmed. iOS 5 will also only begin the software update process if your phone has enough battery life and storage (looks like Apple will expect 500 MB of necessary storage per delta update) to make it the whole way through.

This update requires at least %i%% battery, and 500 MB of available storage.

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iOS Devices ▪ June 24, 2011

Weighing in at a hefty 817MB for the iPhone 4, build 9A5248d just hit the Developer site. There was some question as to whether Apple was going to deliver the update OTA but obviously that’s going to be later.


-WiFi sync now works with iTunes for Mac

-iCloud logo becomes silver in settings

-Lockscreen notifications got an update from the UI department

Feel free to comment on your experiences below:

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Apple has posted a new web page that is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions about the transition from MobileMe to Apple’s new iCloud service, which launches this fall (via TechCrunch). The webpage explains which services are staying with iCloud and which are going (shown in image above). Those are in addition to these new services:

  • iTunes in the Cloud
  • Photo Stream
  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Automatic downloads and purchase history for apps and books
  • Backup and restore

The site also says that users will be able to migrate their current .Mac or MobileMe username to the iCloud service. A big question as of late has been over whether or not iCloud will include functionality in the browser; Apple answers:

Yes. Web access to iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Find My iPhone will be available at this fall.

Current MobileMe services such as iDisk, Web Gallery, Mac-based sync services, and iWeb published websites will still be supported, for current MobileMe and .Mac (where applicable) users, until June 30, 2012. New iCloud users, which can sign up for a free account as a part of iCloud, will not be able to access those features.

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If you loved the i3D app which tracks your eye movement through the iPad 2’s front camera to create an illusion of a glasses-free 3D display, here’s another entertainment entry that you’d want to show off to your friends. It attempts to make your tablet’s display “invisible” by employing some back-camera wizardry in conjunction with accelerometer and gyroscope data.

In a nutshell, the program tracks the movement of your iPad and updates the display accordingly in order to keep the background image aligned as if the display were transparent. Plus, you can load up your own image and turn it into an endless Kaleidoscope-like browsable surface. The program also responds to perspective tilt and throws realistic shadows for some added wow. Developer Levity Novelty conveniently calls it Invisibility. You like? It’s a 99 cent download from the App Store. Two more clips right below…

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