Orange, O2 deny UK iPhone claim

Orange and O2 are have moved into damage control, denying claims that both will offer the iPhone in the UK from the end of the year, a report claims.

These denials follow reports which emerged last week, reports which suggested Orange would join O2 in selling the device in the UK market by the end of the year.

It was then claimed that the exclusive deal between Apple and O2 was due to expire this year, leaving Apple open to working with other carriers in the region. These reports were unfounded, it seems, with O2 once again stressing it holds a multi-year agreement with Apple for iPhone distribution in the UK. The iPhone has been available in the UK for under a year.

Public reaction to the reports suggested that should Apple want to tweak iPhone sales higher at any point, there is a demand for an Apple mobile to be sold free of any network restriction, a preference many in the value-conscious consumer market for mobile phones in Europe prefer.


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We are trying to hit the full spectrum of Macintosh users out there and know that our usual reporting with references to stuff that is "so yesterday" may turn off a few of our younger viewers.  So, with that in mind, we’ve created an area within 9to5Mac just for those who still sponge off of mom and dad. 

Microsoft legal bans iPhone Windows Vista emulator…

 Microsoft’s legal team has struck down against an iPhone hacker who was developing and distributing software to emulate Vista on an iPhone.

The coder told ModMyiFone, "Due to a big fat legal letter that was sent from Microsoft, I will no longer be making/distributing Vista themes."

The developer was building software called VistaPerfection 2.0, software which hacks the user interface of the iPhone for the ‘perfect’ Vista experience. The software offers over 90 icons along with the Vista wallpaper, dock and on/off ‘experience’.

It replaces the iPhone dock with Windows Vista style bar, while the WiFi icon, EDGE icon, and even the slide to unlock arrow were all to be Vista-themed as well.

iPhone becomes gig/theater lighting director's dream tool

 Well, the remote control angle for the iPhone and the iPod touch looks like another growth industry, despite introduction of the slightly flawed, but cool Apple remote software for the devices.

Latest in the increasingly busy field, Synthe FX has introduced Luminair 1.0, what’s different about this is the software should let those lighting engineers you see athletically hanging off the truss above the stage at gigs control their industry-standard DMX lighting systems using their iPhone and iPod touch. 

Luminair 1.0 uses Artistic License’s Art-Net protocol over the device’s built-in WiFi connection, and communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on the local network. 

You get a virtual muti-track touch-mixer and a channel layout interface. As a DMX data analyzer, data is displayed in realtime as a touch-scrollable overview of all lighting channel.

It’s cool – it means LEDs can be unchained from the mixing desk or patch-bay in a way like never before. Oh, and you get realtime color manipulation using a Color Changer channel layout effect. Both fixtures and entire projects can be saved and restored at any time using a built-in file manager, making Luminair an indispensable tool for configuring intelligent lighting networks.

Luminair is available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch and costs $99 – we think it’s going to be popular among theatre and club lighting directors, and live band road crew.


Quake on iPhone

The Quake on iPhone project is coming right along…Apparantly you can find this application on Cyndia…We are checking the Apps store daily for this one to go legit…

From "abroad"..

id Software plans Doom family titles for iPhone

 Doom developer id Software is very interested in building and developing titles for the iPhone, legendary co-founder and programmer, John Cormack, told Forbes.

Cormack is considered one of the creators of the first-person shooter genre. He told Forbes: "We wanted to do something for the iPhone, but we just didn’t have the scheduling or the resources available…I really regret not having something at launch."

The games guru added that id Software does have a title it wants to develop solely for the iPhone. "I’m not announcing anything specifically, but it would be a graphical tour de force," he said.

It appears the game would be drawn from the companys existing range of game franchises, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, but the company ain’t saying. And Cormack is attracted by the iPhone as a platform because it can carry larger games than most other mobiles.

"The iPhone, as a device, is in the same generation power-wise as the PS2 or Xbox," he said. "The graphics are a little lower but the RAM is a lot higher. … You could easily spend $10 million on an iPhone game, but the market just can’t support that yet."

The report suggests that while the company missed the iPhone launch, it hopes to reach the platform soon. 4 shows itself developers have released info on Installer 4, which will work with jailbroken iPhones running firmware 2.0.

“Hi folks! Many of you are wondering what’s up with Installer 4. No, we haven’t slowed down the work on it, and are currently in the final stages of hooking the GUI to the back-end. We will be contacting the authors of the major repositories in a few days to invite them into the testing process and to prepare for the upcoming repository changes.”

If you don’t know about this app, it is software which makes it easier to run non-App Store third-party native applications on your iPhone, using a Mac and a GUI.

Music fans slapped by Yahoo! Music closure

 Maybe its the continued engagement between Yahoo and Microsott, or perhaps the looming presence of billionaire investor Carl Icahn on the Yahoo board, but the online company appears to have take a leaf from the MSN Music playbook, and is dumping its legal online music customers from a great height….

Yahoo has announced plans to close the Yahoo! Music Store, and has told its legitimate, paying music loving customers it will switch-off the authorisation servers, meaning those attempting to transfer their music collections to other computers will be sunk. "They may as well have invested in 8-Track," a website notes.

Microsoft this year tried to do the same thing, telling customers of MSN Music it would no longer supply authorization keys for songs purchased from the defunct service. 

What this means is that when your authorised set of computers stop working, so will the music you paid for. This underlines the inherent danger of DRM in general, Distorted Loop observes.

Here’s what Yahoo had to say: "The Yahoo! Music Store, along with the ability to purchase and download single songs and albums, will no longer be available as of September 30, 2008. 

Songs and albums that were purchased through the Yahoo! Music Unlimited Store are protected by a digital rights management system that requires a valid license key before they can be played on your computer. 

After the Store closes, Yahoo! will no longer be able to support the retrieval of license keys for music purchased from Yahoo! Music Unlimited, and Yahoo! will no longer be able to authorize song playback on additional computers. 

After September 30, 2008, you will not be able to transfer songs to unauthorized computers or re-license these songs after changing operating systems."

We recall that after Microsoft made the same decision – a decision which clearly punishes legal music consumers for being honest – there was huge outcry, which eventually convinced the world’s richest company to leave a light on on its MSN Music authorisation server, at least for a while: "After careful consideration, Microsoft has decided to continue to support the authorization of new computers and devices through at least the end of 2011," the company said in June.

Apple seeks iPhone security expert

Apple has posted an opening for an iPhone Security Engineer, to be based at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino.

The "exceptional individual" will "validate the security architecture for the iPhone."

"As an implementer of advanced technologies in OS X, you will have the opportunity to have a major impact on Apple’s embedded operating system products." We like the use of the plural there. 

Like everyone, we’ve speculated that Apple has far bigger plans for embedded system products – its purchase of PA Semi, recent disclosures of new cutting-edge products at prices competitors can’t match, and various mutterings and job ads have suggested the company plans a major play in digital media. It’s widely believed the company want’s to widen its Apple TV franchise, and many consider devices equipped with WiMax from Apple may show their face next year, as that standard enters wider deployment.

Step away from speculation, return to the job posting:


* Review and provide feedback on security mechanisms implemented in OS X

* Provide risk analysis of potential security threats to our embedded products

* Develop "proof of concept" attacks on the current security mechanisms

* Come up with new and innovative ways of increasing security while preserving ease-of-use and increasing the quality of the end-user experience.

* Work cooperatively with other parts of CoreOS on cross-functional technologies and initiatives to enhance security and security policies

Required Experience:

* A genuine passion for analyzing security technologies and developing "proof of concept" attacks

* Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities and troubleshooting skills

* Industry exposure to and knowledge of OS security and UNIX internals

* A strong software development background

* Highly professional, with the ability to deliver solid work on tight schedules

Useful Experience:

* Previous experience in operating systems and security tools

* Mac OS X exposure (end user, administrator, developer)

* Involvement in reverse engineering and security communities

* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience/skills

Take a look at the job description on Apple’s recruitment website here, if you are the one who gets the position, you can expect, "Our environment fosters product innovation, rapid product iteration, and a liberating amount of autonomy."



Paris Expo Remixed, untranslated

Apple Expo Paris, Remixed (Translated to Anglais) which is fighting for international relevancy is happening this year from September 17th-20.  Apple, for the first time in 25 years, decided to skip this year’s Paris event, leaving many to question whether the "international" show would remain relevant.   It was a good time last year and it is a shame that it appears to be heading south…Anyway.  Here’s the latest from Nike in Paris….in French.

iPhone availability app checks inventory every 15 minutes

Wanna have a shot at getting a 3G iphone without having to wait on line for the model you didn’t want?  Top Muffin has the "iPhone3G Store availability tracker" which updates its page based on Apple’s JSON feed.  It looks like it works pretty well but the proof is in the pudding. 

It might be worth a few extra minutes to give a call to you Apple store just to double check in case…

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