Apple preps iPad engraving for Holiday gift season

What better way to show someone you care than by presenting them with a laser-engraved iPad?

Alright, there’s as many different ways to express care as there are humans standing underneath the sun, but now it seems Apple is preparing to unleash engraved iPad messages to contribute to that smorgasboard of choice. Just like those really rather popular engraved iPods, right?

This report emanates from tech blog Erictric, who claim their (anonymous) source is saying Apple intends offering personalization (engraving) on demand.

“From what I understand, Apple’s going to be offering customers the option to get their iPads engraved just before the Holidays roll around,” the site informs.

How much?

“Most likely free, especially since they’ll be trying to sell a ton more of the tablets during the holiday season,” the source is alleged to have said.

You may also impress them if you memorise some choice lines from this. After all, as Apple marketing almost certainly won’t say when attempting to convince you to invest in some engraved iPads this season, “They do not love that do not show their love.”

Who needs flash? YouTube embeds now does HTML5

Hooray! Embedded YouTube videos are beginning to work without Flash. How? YouTube announced they are experimenting with new embed code that uses the iFrame interface to switch between Flash and HTML5 versions of the video. The code will sense the type of device you’re on so, as en example, if you’re on your PC and you want to play ‘double rainbow’ you’ll get the video in Flash. If you’ve enabled HTML5 in YouTube and using Safari, you’ll see the MP4 version below. If you are on a new version of Firefox and its available, it will kick in WebM video.  Eventually.  It is still in beta.

For instance, to embed the above video, you need to use this code:

Here are the downsides to this awesome innovation. Videos that are ad supported won’t work on HTML5, website managers will have to manually adjust the video code (don’t adjust the player size!), and YouTube HTML5 will need to be enabled on your iOS device. OK, fanboys, you can go back to hating on Google now.


via NewTeeVee.

Browser Speed test: iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7 series

Windows Phone 7 will be about the only major mobile platform not using a Webkit browser.  And it shows.  While Google and Apple are taking turns being the fastest (and Blackberry’s new Webkit browser showing promise), Windows Mobile, based on IE’s engine is…well…watch:

While Windows Phone 7 is still in beta, other platforms aren’t standing still.  A fast browser is one of the most important parts of a Smartphone. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can overcome this disparity. via Redmond Pie