AppleInsider swings again: Says iMacs in short supply

AppleInsider is today reporting that Apple has ceased production of its current iMacs in anticipation of a new model roll out in the coming weeks/months.

a person familiar with the matter says the Mac maker is informing some of its distributors not to expect any further stock of the entry level 21.5-inch, 3.06GHz iMac, implying that production of that model has ceased. 

You’ll recall their March report which had 27-inch iMac-screen sized Cinema displays and Mac Pros by June ’10 and of course Apple’s transition to AMD chips.

More info from AT&T earnings call

Some notes (and images!) from today’s AT&T earnings call, especially as they relate to Apple.  Remember how AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson didn’t think there would be much in the way of iPad 3G usage on his network? “They’ll use Wifi!” he said confidentially…A month later AT&T stopped its unlimited data plans.

From Business Insider:

  • it activated 400,000 to 500,000 3G iPads during Q2 (Which is in two months since the 3G didn’t ship until April 30th).
  • It’s “surprising” how many business customers are approaching AT&T about the iPad. Whereas business customers were famously skeptical and reluctant about the iPhone at first — and have since warmed up to it – they are apparently very eager about the iPad. AT&T said a lot of companies have iPad trials going on, and many see opportunities to use the iPad in their business as a laptop replacement. Look out, Microsoft
  • iPad users are using more data per month than the typical iPhone customer, but less than the typical laptop-card customer, which makes sense.
  • 75% to 80% of the iPad 3G subscribers are at the more expensive ($25/month) AT&T 3G data plan. Overall monthly bills in the $25-$30 range, including early customers who signed up for the $30/month unlimited plan before it was discontinued.

Gizmodo notes that AT&T has improved call quality in New York and upgrades in San Francisco are on the way.  AT&T has the PowerPoint to prove it.



FacePlant app helps you FaceTime

The creators of FacePlant made something that should have come standard with FaceTime. A way to tell which of your friends is currently on WiFi and ready to FaceTime. Steve Jobs went on record to say that they did not want a buddy list for FaceTime, so FacePlant is basically Job’s enemy in that case. The app uses your contact list to show who’s available, but you can also turn on privacy for yourself if you don’t feel like seeing anyone that day. 

The super-neat thing about the app is the ability to leave them video messages. Instead of leaving standard voice messages you can have some fun and leave them one with video, without killing your MMS charges. How neat! The app’s not available yet and there’s no word on cost or if the app breaks any App Store rules, but we’ll soon find out and we’ll let you know when/if/how it’s available. 

via Gizmodo.