European iPhones Coming. Rocking the 16GB 3G Specs

Tmobile iphone

MacBidouille, an excellent French-language Macintosh site, has posted what they say is a leaked advertisement for the Tmobile iPhone in Germany.  Of note, the specs indicate 3G speeds and a 16GB capacity.  These specs are in line with our reports from August from our Orange (France Telecom) sources.   They also stated that the Germans and British would get the iPhones slightly before the French were ready to roll it out.

While this image could easily be a fake (they at one point call it an iPod in the advertisement), the specs are likely to be realistic as the next iteration of iPhone will likely match the iPodtouch‘s 16GB capacity.  Additionally, with 3G phones all but ubiquitous in Europe, it would be an embarrassment for Apple to release a EDGE-only phone.  The price point also make sense when one takes into account the Euro/Dollar exchange rate and the absurd VAT Tax rates that add close to 20% of the cost…  There has still been no mention of possible GPS capability.

We are still looking for an announcement at Apple Expo in Paris in late September to give European consumers some lead time in preparing to switch mobile carriers and make a fairly large purchase.  Even if agreements have been reached (and reported on by the Financial Times) the carriers will likely be forced to leave the announcement to Apple.

What Does $149 Get You These Days?

ipod nano

It turns out a whole helluva lot. Apple announced this week that their iPod Nanos were starting out at $149. If you think about it, the amazing thing is what $149 has been able to buy you over the last two and a half years.

In January of 2005, only 32 months ago, Apple unveiled the Gen 1 iPod Shuffle.  They came in at the $99 for 512MB and $149 for One Gigabyte.  The shuffles are screenless and small plastic items that could play music and hold a few files, that’s it.  Still they were a big sellers.

A little over a year and a half ago, Apple released the 1GB nano at $149.  Again, huge success – big seller.  Now you could view your music and navigate your collection.  You’d soon be able to look at pictures, browse contacts and calendar and even play some games.  All for $149.

Last year, Apple doubled the storage on the miniscule MP3 player and added some fun colors and an aluminum enclosure.  For $149 you could get a 2GB Silver Nano.

This week, Apple put a much larger screen and impressive new array of features in a superslim, almost two dimensional package.  These devices are more functionally rich than the original iPod video (sans HD space).   You can watch movies, browse using coverflow, play games. The new video enabled Nano starts out at, yep…


Imagine what your $149 will be able to buy in another 32 months!

iPod Touch. So much more than just an iPod

ipod touchEDIT: This article was picked up by Computerworld – go check it out there.

More Newton than iPod, more tablet than music player, the new Apple Inc. iPod touch unveiled this week by CEO Steve Jobs breaks into a new hardware category that should scare the ultra-mobile PC/Nokia Tablet world.

Apple’s much-anticipated launch of the iPod touch this week heralds a new era for Apple‘s
wildly popular line of music and video players. The iPod, which emerged
first as nothing more than a portable music player — albeit one
dripping in cool — grew up to become a music and video device in
adolesence and is now a semi-full featured Internet tablet device.

The iPod is a mass market device, an international device. One that every high school kid from Tokyo to Paris to Albuquerque absolutely

Apple Event..No Surprises Really…Apple Rocks

Another Apple Event has come and gone. No big surprises really.  Apple has released some solid but overdue products.

  • The new shuffle colors?  :/ No comment
  • The new iPod Classic?  Reality distortion at its most profound?  I guess the “We couldn’t sell enough of these things before the new ones were ready iPod” didn’t really have the Zing!  160GB is nice I guess but that screen is so..tiny…
  • Cheaper  iPhones?  Really?  We bet the early adopters are happy Apple snagged that $200 tax for 2 months of early adoption.  $100/month.  Suckers!
  • Mobile Store?  More ways for Apple to get your money for DRM.  That is a helluva “one more thing”
  • Ring Tones!?!? Paying an extra buck to get a portion of a song YOU ALREADY OWN on your iPhone? HAHAHAHA.  You are in a reality obliteration field if you are psyched about this.  Seriously, we know this is the record companies’ doing but how does Steve give this to us with a straight face?!  Is this a benefit?  Can we make ringtones out of songs we make in Garage Band?  Way to go corporate whores Apple!

As soon as you wipe all of that Apple event off of your face Apple fanboys, remember:

  • no iChat yet
  • Starbucks in bed with Apple.  These big deal things always turn out messy – with Apple’s partners hatin’.
  • no VOIP on the touch now or in the future – no sound in.
  • no open dev. platform for these things.  got to hack hack hack
  • 16Gb fills up really fast.  Better hope there is plenty of Wifi around
  • what is all of the extra space on that iPodtouch – where are the other apps?

A solid event to be sure.  Kudos Apple for releasing some great products.  Now get back to work!

Oh, btw.  New MacBook Pros coming in January…more… coming…

iPhone Sales? Not too Shabby…

“The two models of the iPhone on the market sold more than Research in Motion’s Blackberry series, the entire Palm portfolio and any individual smartphone model from Motorola, Nokia or Samsung.”

Holy… Quoting iSuppli, Reuters just broke out the iPhone sales report for July.  I don’t think Apple could have expected better…Reuters continues…

“While iSuppli has not collected historical information on this
topic, it’s likely that the speed of the iPhone’s rise to competitive
dominance in its segment is unprecedented in the history of the
mobile-handset market,” iSuppli said.

“Apple achieved this in the face of numerous, well-entrenched competitors.”

Hey Dick Tracey, Your iPod Nano Video Watches are on the Way

With the new iPodnano coming in at a little over two inches and almost square, there are a lot more interesting tricks that can be done with them than previous iPods. As small as the gen-2 iPod was, the form factor of the new Nanos begs for more applications. One such use is the watch.

Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t expect Steve to roll up his sleeve to reveal the new Nano on his wrist the way he yanked the generation 1 Nano out of the change pocket in his jeans two years ago. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t even expect Apple to come out with a watch band for the device. This task will most likely be left to the third party iPod accessory makers.

Oh by the way, before you run to the comments and tell us our artwork sucks, let it be known that we are well aware of this. If you want to be constructive, dear readers, why not put your art skills to good use and make some hot mockups. We’ll replace our ugly, half-assed ones with yours.

BTW, thanks Gizmodo for the original Nano that we slapped on the watches!

More ugliness after the jump….


The previous iPod nano was squeezed on a wrist. If they dared to do this with the old Nano – the temptation to do this with a more watch-faced Nano will undoubtedly irresistible.
Lots of other “wrist watches” come in much bigger than the new Nano
yeah we know the headphone won’t come in there…
There are other absurdities that are much bulkier that have been put on wrists……
Maybe even the iPodtouch can be put on your wrist?


EditGrid for iPhone, Spreadsheets Go Mobile

Editgrid for iphoneEditGrid, a leader in online spreadsheets, today announced the launch of the iPhone Edition of its Web-based spreadsheets software. The news broke this morning at the Office. 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.

The iPhone Edition of EditGrid is a customized version of EditGrid which designed specifically for mobile usability. This version of the software features:

  • Three-Mode Access

Nokia's Fake iPhone Ripoff – Ironically Looks Exactly Like the iPodtouch

As a ripoff of the iPhone, this video from last week looks kind of cheesy. However, upon further inspection, we realized it has some characteristics of the iPodtouch Specifically the outer rim on the fake Nokia-iPhone looks exactly like Apple’s new flagship iPod – from the front at least.
Fake Nokia obviously has some spies within Apple too! That’s all for now – go watch football and have a great weekend..

Amazon Gives Away New iPod Pricing?

They’ve been known to do this before – and of course it could always be a glitch…

But as you can see, Amazon is offering up an 80Gb iPod for $609. I wonder what sized screen you get with that?

ipod touch price

Perhaps, this could also be some new pricing algorithm that kicks in when there is only one product left?  We’ve found some other anomalies after the jump…

(BTW – Thanks comments!)

The full page ad…

iPod touch pricing