VIDEO: Don't miss the Darth Vader 'antenna-gate' spoof (s'funny)

Well, unless we find out something else that’s awful, antenna-gate has reached its zenith and is about to fall just behind the horizon lines to disappear into the Apple history books. So, just before it goes, what better than a spoof video featuring no less than Darth Vader giving AAPL a quick call to find out what’s going on.

Watch out for classic lines, including the splendid:

Apple Releases Xcode 4 Preview 2 to developers

Apple today released their second preview of Xcode 4 to developers. Xcode 4 is an entirely new version of Xcode for Mac and iOS re-built with many new features and enhancements. In Xcode 3 developers usually use Xcode to code their applications and Interface Builder to creature user-interfaces. Xcode 4 combines the two applications to make developing apps a much smoother experience.

Additionally Xcode 4 brings an updated interface that is quicker and easier to navigate through. Another major addition to Xcode 4 is “code-fixing,” and this allows Xcode to fix your code errors as you type. 

Screen shot 2010-07-22 at 2.13.22 PM.png

Xcode 4 was initially previewed at this year’s WWDC and you can learn more about it at Apple’s developer website

AppleInsider swings again: Says iMacs in short supply

AppleInsider is today reporting that Apple has ceased production of its current iMacs in anticipation of a new model roll out in the coming weeks/months.

a person familiar with the matter says the Mac maker is informing some of its distributors not to expect any further stock of the entry level 21.5-inch, 3.06GHz iMac, implying that production of that model has ceased. 

You’ll recall their March report which had 27-inch iMac-screen sized Cinema displays and Mac Pros by June ’10 and of course Apple’s transition to AMD chips.

More info from AT&T earnings call

Some notes (and images!) from today’s AT&T earnings call, especially as they relate to Apple.  Remember how AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson didn’t think there would be much in the way of iPad 3G usage on his network? “They’ll use Wifi!” he said confidentially…A month later AT&T stopped its unlimited data plans.

From Business Insider:

  • it activated 400,000 to 500,000 3G iPads during Q2 (Which is in two months since the 3G didn’t ship until April 30th).
  • It’s “surprising” how many business customers are approaching AT&T about the iPad. Whereas business customers were famously skeptical and reluctant about the iPhone at first — and have since warmed up to it — they are apparently very eager about the iPad. AT&T said a lot of companies have iPad trials going on, and many see opportunities to use the iPad in their business as a laptop replacement. Look out, Microsoft
  • iPad users are using more data per month than the typical iPhone customer, but less than the typical laptop-card customer, which makes sense.
  • 75% to 80% of the iPad 3G subscribers are at the more expensive ($25/month) AT&T 3G data plan. Overall monthly bills in the $25-$30 range, including early customers who signed up for the $30/month unlimited plan before it was discontinued.

Gizmodo notes that AT&T has improved call quality in New York and upgrades in San Francisco are on the way.  AT&T has the PowerPoint to prove it.