iPod Nano Colors

EDIT: Actually,  I think we are going to go with our old rendition..just for old times sakes :O

ipod nano

Just a little tidbit for the weekend to munch on…

Our sources in China have just confirmed an earlier inside Apple report that the new Nano colors will be:

The screen takes up about 1/2 the surface area….  They look almost exactly like our mockup except the Nano won’t be available in white.  And you won’t talk as much shit about my art skillz when they are out. 

Color swatches here.

New Spy Picts here.

Apple Expo Paris to be Launchpad for European iPhones, TV Shows

Update – we just got some new intel from Orange

Apple-Expo-Paris Bet you forgot about ol’ Apple Expo Paris didn’t you? Well, from September 25-29th, 2007, Paris will be LE place to be for Apple aficionados the world over.  The Fall event is held at  a perfect time for a European iPhone announcements in front of the home crowd – a month ahead of the release.  

Additionally, the Eurocentric crowd will likely get their own version of country-specific television shows on iTunes and an expanding iTunes Movies coverage. 

Jonny Evans over at Macworld.co.uk has announced that both Vodafone and O2 would be carrying the iPhone in the UK – something we voiced a few months back. The release date has been speculated to be November 1st, continent-wide (UK, France, Germany..maaaybe Spain).

Orange in France and TMobile in Germany have also been rumored to be frontrunners in the competition to carry the iPhone.

For all of you youngsters/Apple newbs out there, Apple Expo is where Apple announced:

Apple was present at last year’s event but didn’t have any products to announce.  This year, however, could be a mega-blockbuster comparitively speaking – with so much at stake.

For its part, Apple has not announced whether or not Monsieur Jobs will be making an appearance/Keynote in the City of Light but we have a call in to Apple PR and Apple Expo PR and are hoping to be able to provide more information shortly.

Since 9to5Mac has people on the ground in Paris, we will, of course, have full coverage of the event.  Perhaps even some pictures.  Stay tuned…

XOHM WiMAX enabled iPhones and iPods in 2008?


With the formalization today of the XOHM Service, Sprint is releasing what could be the most exciting thing to hit the Internet in quite awhile. If real-world results are anything close to the specs that we’ve been drooling over for the past few years, WiMAX technology will revolutionalize mobile communications.  Initial speeds will be about four times the speed of EVDO/HSDPA and will eventually scale up to the type of speed at which you will be able to stream High Definition movies and video conferencing.

Just as a reference point, the German WiMAX operator Deutsche Breitband Dienste (DBD) has two tariff plans. The first costing $12.99 per month offering 1 Mbit/s connection speed and 1 GB monthly traffic. The second plan has unlimited traffic, the speed increased to 2 Mbit/s for a $25.99 monthly fee.  Not too shabby!

Where does Apple fit into all of this?
Apple is an innovator, a first mover.  This service would be perfect for their whole line of products from Airport Extreme base stations, MacBooks, iPods, AppleTV’s and of course iPhones.  Don’t forget that while PC laptop makers have been selling machines with EVDO and HSDPA wireless broadband built-in for years, Apple has only allowed this type of connection through third party PC/Express cards or tethering (which doesn’t always work so well).  Why the wait?

Also, don’t forget that Apple’s new bff, Intel, is a huge part of the WiMAX (WiMacs? – called it!) push and will be the biggest supplier of chips for the platform over the next few years.  Intel didn’t seem too miffed a few months ago that the iPhone was running a Samsung ARM chip, and mentioned that they were working with Apple on future wireless devices and with other companies on ultra mobile platform for Unix and Linux devices.  Intel plans to include WiMAX chips as packages in the same way it currently packages wifi adapters with its Centrino chips.

Also, WiMAX is being rolled out in Germany and Japan, two of Apple’s bigger markets, with active trials underway and early 2008 mass rollouts planned.  Clearwire, T-Mobile and many others also plan rollouts in the US and abroad and could also be prospective partners with Apple on this decidedly amazing technology.

AT&T to the curb?
But, what about AT&T and Apple’s five year relationship?  The details haven’t been formally released, but it is likely that the AT&T-Apple exclusivity deal is only in voice communications, not data.  We already know that new phoneless iPhone’s are being released soon and that Skype and other VOIP clients are in the works for the iPhone with or without Apple’s blessings.  If the 6G iPod can do wireless data and run a Skype client on WiMAX, can AT&T complain?

We also know Steve Jobs likes to have choices (ask IBM’s PowerPC group) and that locking Apple into a seemingly eternal five-year relationship with AT&T could be suicide if the behemoth doesn’t keep up with technology – something monolithic monopolies are famous for.  Would Apple do this?  Likely not.

How will it go down?
Apple is likely testing this technology right now with its current product line.  Apple likes to be the first to announce new technologies so there will probably be a huge announcement at MacWorld 2008 or perhaps even earlier.  Sprint plans to cover 100 million people by the end of 2008.  That is too many people who will have access to superior wireless technology for Apple to ignore.

iPhone and Microsoft Exchange 2007

iphone exchange

With the latest iPhone commercial hitting the airwaves touting the incredible Mail app, Stock Reader and otherwise catering to a business user, a lot of focus on the web in the last 24 hours has been the iPhone’s ability (or inability in some people’s eyes) to handle Microsoft Exchange Server.

We use Exchange 2007 where I work (and I administer Exchange so I can’t blame anyone but myself) and getting it to work on the iPhone or Mail.app on  the Mac has been a bit of a hassle.  I get the “The message from XXXXX concerning YYYYY has not been downloaded from the server. You need to take this account online in order to download it.” message that also frequently occurs on Mail.app on the Macintosh.

The problem is that mail doesn’t get pulled from IMAP sometimes and won’t come through until other mail “pushes” it through.  Sometimes repeated restarts help.  I blame Exchange’s IMAP implementation for this as I have two other IMAP accounts working flawlessly on it and the iPhone support pages are alight with similar complaints.  However, because my Exchange email is the most important, (yes, I am a wage slave – the trust fund from the far off relative hasn’t kicked in just yet) I need results.  Also, iCal and Addressbook don’t synch with Exchange (yet) and I often find myself in need of these features.

read on for more screenshots and info….

iphone exchange

So I turn to the Outlook Webmail client.  And you know what?  It really isn’t that bad!  As a matter of fact, props to Microsoft for their Web 2.0 SDK work.  Maybe the Microsoft Live initiative will be a competitor afterall.  The combination of Exchange’s almost complete messaging (lite for non IE browsers) web client and Apple’s Safari Browser might be the best way to experience Exchange on a mobile device.  Even over EDGE or GSM, my mail page pops up very quickly and is very responsive.  The spell check is done on the back end as is the addressbook lookups and the calendar invites.  So, when I return to my desktop, all my changes are propagated properly (take that Exchange POP3 users!)  

The obvious issue is when I am out of Wifi or EDGE/GSM range and have no cached email to go back to.   I am then stuck using iPhone Mail.app to write emails to be sent later.  And even for all of Microsoft’s work, the Outlook Web client still isn’t as beautiful as Apple’s mail - and probably won’t ever be.

At some point in the future, Microsoft and Apple will probably figure out this IMAP issue and might even get Addressbook and iCal talking to Exchange properly.  I can wait, however, as my email setup has arrived.

iPhone exchange

iPod, Meet the Beatles

Beatles on ipod

This week brought news that John Lennon’s entire discography will now be on iTunes, DRM free at $1.29/track.  This is very likely the latest clue in the next big announcement from Apple.

John Lennon Solo Catalog Debuts on iTunes Store
Apple today announced the debut of the John Lennon solo catalog on the iTunes Store. Sixteen of Lennon

iPhone FaceBook Web Portal is Simply Amazing


Facebook is solidifying its place as the number one social media company to look out for by releasing innovative new features at breakneck speeds. Today’s release of the Facebook iPhone interface is another stroke of genius.

Facebook is joining a number of companies courting the mostly affluent, early adopter crowd that own iPhones.  Dropping their website down to the 480×320 resolution never looked so easy.


By using the same motions for the transitions between pages that the native iPhone user interface employs and integrating familiar features like the ability to call your contacts directly from the webpages, this Facebook web app will make iPhone users forget they are on a webpage.  

Exactly what Steve Jobs wanted when he announced the Web 2.0 iPhone SDK.

New iPhone Commercial – Email like this!

“All these years, you’ve gone through the day without email like this in your pocket…
or stock updates like this in your pocket, or Internet like this in your pocket…

And you survived…

The question is…


CoasterDude2002 sent this in…looks great – I am sure it will hit Apple’s website in 3..2..
Edit: Apple has posted the new ads online:



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Media Temple Administration on the iPhone Interface

MediaTemple iphone

We are not sure if systems admins will be able to ditch their desktop/laptops yet (the controls on this look a bit – shall we say- light) but this is certainly a step in the right direction.


We got this email from Media Temple this morning an couldn’t be more pleased to know that one more of our everyday-type tasks can be completed from the comfort of our iPhone.  


Bravo Media Temple!  The Revolution has begun!


Log in here if reading from an iPhone.