David Beckham's gold-plated iPod touch

 Footballer David Beckham is affectionately known as golden balls – now he has a gold iPod touch to add to his collection.

Beckham played his centenary match on the England team against France last week. To celebrate his 100th match representing the country squad, his team clubbed together to buy him an iPod touch – with a difference – it’s gold plated.

The Daily Telegraph has the story, and this clearly shows the magic 32GB capacity printed on the back, meaning it’s a top-of-the range iPod touch the former England captain is sporting. Of course, it’s not clear if he’s going to use the device to keep track of football scores using wifi, but it is likely he’ll use the device to replay key moments from his matches recorded and passed along to him by England’s coaches and the popular Mac-only SportsCode application.

iPhone SDK shows bits of Managed Exchange

iPhone is plat du jour in the Mac world lately, and the second beta of the iPhone 2.0 SDK continues to generate news nuggets for industry watchers.
Latest news in shows that the second build of the SDK includes built-in support for managed Exchange Server settings, while that could be predicted on the basis of Apple’s deal with Microsoft to license Exchange support, that the company has also chosen to build administrator support into the software is bound to generate excitement among infrastructure boffins.  There are lots of other clues in the ManagedConfiguration.bundle and ManagedConfigurationUI.bundle files.
The support consists of a couple of lines of code in the software that support Exchange Policies natively on the device, and also support Exchange Active Sync account handling.
These nuggets confirm the strength of Apple’s push at the enterprise market in its iPhone, as loud speculation continues to predict a new 3G-capable model of the device seems set to ship in May/June.(Image courtesy GadgetVenue).

(Screencaptures of the SDK files below)

iBlackberry leaked

Imitation = the most sincere form of flattery?   New specs are coming out on the Blackberry 9000 below..


BGR Says specs are:


  • Everything we reported was true. 624MHz processor, 480×320 screen, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.
  • The web browser flies. "Loads web pages in 3-4 seconds."
  • The BlackBerry 9000 in its current state runs OS 4.5
  • Early launch date was slated for a consumer AT&T launch on June 18th (3G iPhone?!). Remember that we predicted the device was delayed. See below.
  • The battery lasts around 4 hours with straight phone calling. "Battery sucks, to be honest. With Wi-Fi on, I only got a little less than two hours browsing the web," and all testers are reporting huge battery issues which could be why we’re all hearing it is delayed.
  • We’re not sure of the next part, but he said that the device either has 256MB of internal memory or 128MB. Don’t ask why we couldn’t tell the difference.



Ay Caramba! -Mexican iPhone coming in Junio

According to El UNIVERSAL (translated), our amigos south of the border will be enjoying the iPhone with mobile operator Telcel in a few short months.  They expect the price to be about on par with the US, although the iPhone is widely expected to go 3G by June.  Perhaps Apple will be selling EDGE iPhones and 3G iPhones or maybe dividing by market.

Canada??….  How does it feel to be the last large North American country sans iPhone?  Ouch – Rogers!

iPhone PWNED

So this is the story….  Instead of the normal iJailbreak or Ziphone hacks, the iPhone Dev Team is releasing (update: may be a week late) a full firmware hack that allows you to use itunes to upload and download any software you want to your iPhone (even a full OS?).  You could also change the processor speed up to 667 from 400Mhz if you wanted to.  In the future, you could also back up your iPhone with all of the hacked apps, settings, videos, songs, etc.  Then do a full restore at a later point.  You can also do interesting things with the bootloader as you can see from the video.

The creators think this will be unbreakable by Apple and they show it running on iPhone OS 1.2 (2.0Beta)

Here is a quick rundown… interview with the developers:

theiphoneproject: What does PWN accomplish for the users?

The Devs: Full independence from Apple’s vision on what the iPhone (and iPod Touch) can and cannot do. Currently it will allow you to restore to a jailbroken and unlocked state, and if you can figure it out – some extra cool stuff like Installer, Cydia, and other applications. You will eventually be able to backup your entire phone and restore to a state exactly the way you like it, restore straight to jailbroken state with installer, or even potentially install other OSes like linux (see iphonelinux.org) to your phone.

theiphoneproject: Why should I use this instead of ZiPhone? (or any other method in that case)

The Devs: Because it is the first time you can fully take control over your device. Previous solutions such as ZiPhone rely on exploits to break into an existing installation of iPhone OS, and install stuff into your device that way. Those approaches are fundamentally different from ours, in that they attempt to correct what Apple’s restricted in the OS after the fact, and only have limited power in what they can do to it. Our approach takes full control of the lowest layers of Apple’s device, and allows a much safer kind of jailbreak, that uses Apple’s tried and tested restore mechanism. It will also allow much more when hackers realize all the new possibilities this method opens up and start taking advantage of them.

theiphoneproject: Can you give us an overview of the process?


The Devs: In all honesty, it’s quite simple. This is the first release of Pwnage, and the process of building an IPSW is thus far only supported on Mac OS X. The first thing to do is make sure you have the Official IPSW of the firmware you are running (eg. If you are running 1.1.4, download 1.1.4). Now open the Pwnage tool, and click “Browse .ipsw” and browse to the firmware file that you just downloaded. Next you click the “iPwner” button, and watch as PWNAGE patches the iPhone bootlader, making it possible to circumvent any code signing checks. After this, your iPhone will reboot. As the iPhone reboots, exit the Pwnage app, and reopen it.

Here is where the magic happens, once the phone has rebooted, click on “IPSW Builder,” and you are presented with a list of the building options (jailbreak, unlock, etc..) including the all new “BootNeuter,” the ultimate iPhone unlocking solution. Once you have customized your IPSW, hit OK and let Pwnage build the restore file. Next we head to iTunes, option+click on the restore button, and navigate to the custom ipsw that you just created,. Hit OK and we’re done! iTunes will restore the iPhone to the state of your choosing (Be it jailbroken, unlocked etc…).

Credits: asap18, bgm, Bugout, bushing, chris, dinopio, drudge, Fred_, ghost_000, gray, kroo, MuscleNerd, netkas, np101137, planetbeing, pr3d4t0r, pumpkin, pytey, roxfan, sam, Turbo, w___, wizdaz, Zf.

Special thanks: Geohot, cmw


After TIM in Italy, is Russia next for iPhone?

We’ve known for awhile that TIM Italy was in the iPhone carrier settings…but for some reason they haven’t gotten the the green light to announce the iPhone.  Perhaps it all went bad.  Or they are waiting for 3G?  Or maybe it is only a matter of days.  Strangely, the created on dates for TIM are the same (Dec 12th 2007) as Orange in France, O2 in the UK and Tmobile in Germany, with Tmobile Austria and O2 in Ireland created later (February 2008).


Something tells us that TIM and Apple had a falling out.

Onto a possible Russian iPhone possibility…


We’re not sure how long it has been there, but Russian text input is joining German, English, French and Italian as the default input languages in the System/Library/TextInput Folder of the iPhone.  Perhaps we’ll see an iPhone in Russia next?

var digg_url = ‘http://9to5mac.com/tim-italy-russia-iphone';

Cool new South African iPod ads

UPDATE: All of the sites where these were found are now taking them offline at the request of Apple. 

Apple’s advertising agency in South Africa: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Damon Stapleton
Creative Director: Adam Weber
Illustrators: Colwyn Thomas, Sasan Saidi
Art Director: David Joubert Copywriter: Lauren Shewitz
We like!!!


No word yet on whether these will go international or if these are one offs. Our eyes, as always, are peeled.


Apple ships second iPhone SDK, seeks handwriting tech expert

Apple has released a second beta of its iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), and is searching for a handwriting expert to join its iPhone development team.

SDK beta 2 is now available as a 1.36GB download from Apple’s developer website. The kit contains all the tools developers may need to build applications for the device, and now also includes an Interface Builder, a visually-based tool that lets us build application interfaces using drag-&-drop.

Developers also gain access to new sample code and technical documentation, as Cupertino’s iPhone dev team respond to the first batch of developer feedback. The first version of the essential toolkit was introduced just weeks ago, indicating Apple to be prioritizing iPhone in its R&D cycle. 

Apple has also responded to complaints from some developers that they were summarily rejected from signing up to the $99 per year iPhone Developer Program. A note on the iPhone Dev Centre website explains: "We have many more requests than we can serve during this initial beta period, so we must limit the Program at this time. We plan to expand it during the beta period, and we will contact you regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. We appreciate your patience."

Finally, Apple has posted a new recruitment ad to fill the post of Handwriting Recognition Engineer, working with its Mac OS X handwriting recognition technology, Inkwell. "The recognition technology you create may extend beyond Mac OS X to other applications and the iPhone," the ad explains.


iPhone Netherlands coming on Saturday?

MacNN is reporting that the iPhone may hit the Dutch shores on Saturday at 11am local time. (Do people in Europe work on Saturday?).  While The iPhone has been spreading across Europe over the past few months and we’ve been hearing rumors as such, we aren’t sure if any new releases will happen before the 3G iPhone hits the streets (this summer?).  If so, great for them – but maybe wait 2 months for 3G?


Dear Dutch people, sorry for the lame image..


3G iPhone enters manufacturing – ships soon?

Apple has instructed its manufacturers to produce ten million new model iPhones, equipped with 3G support, a report claims.

Interviewed by iPod Observer, Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney makes the claims, citing "sources in Asia". The analyst speculates the new model iPhone may feature and environmentally-friendly OLED display. As well as being a little more green-friendly, the display technology promises better battery life.

The news suggests Apple may introduce a new 3G iPhone within the first half of 2008, with strong signals suggesting the new breed will appear in June.




iPhone effect crashes on smartphone makers

 Smartphone manufacturers have caught the bug, exploring Innovative new technologies and touch screens as they attempt to secure their slice of the market against Apple’s iPhone, at least, that’s what the analysts think is going down.

ABI Research calls the wave of invention that’s breaking across the smartphone industry the ‘iPhone effect’. Essentially, Apple’s high-tech foray into the market is forcing existing incumbents to play catch-up to remain competitive.

The analysts predict smartphone shoppers will face an array of choices, with touchscreens, touchpads, movement sensors and tactile feedback appearing across these devices. It’s extremely likely Apple’s competitors will attempt to build more user friendly interfaces within their products. The research claims manufacturers to be working to optimise their operating systems to work more efficiently on low-spec processors.

Smartphones are predicted to account for 31 per cent of mobile phone sales by 2013, the research claims. That’s up from 10 per cent of the market last year.

The Apple device is also impacting mobile marketing, the researchers claim: “When the iPhone was announced over a year ago, many thought that the device and its support for the Safari browser meant that this might be the beginning of the end for mobile specific websites and marketing programs. After all, the iPhone had a PC level browser with full HTML support.”

They praise the iPhone for its intuitive user interface, big screen, touch-navigation, and more.



Manga anime flicks for iTunes

 Cult Manga animations along with a pair of cult US sitcoms will be made available through iTunes, a Starz Media executive confirmed last night.

Marc DeBevoise, SVP of business development and strategy confirmed the move in a panel discussion at the Future of Television West conference last night. He promised to make four cult Manga anime classics available through iTunes, including the ground-breaking ‘Ghost In the Shell’.

"We’re trying to put it anywhere, everywhere, all those platforms; we want to reach the audience wherever they are, and get it as many places as possible, it just took us a little longer to get the iTunes one," he explained.