iPod, Meet the Beatles

Beatles on ipod

This week brought news that John Lennon’s entire discography will now be on iTunes, DRM free at $1.29/track.  This is very likely the latest clue in the next big announcement from Apple.

John Lennon Solo Catalog Debuts on iTunes Store
Apple today announced the debut of the John Lennon solo catalog on the iTunes Store. Sixteen of Lennon

iPhone FaceBook Web Portal is Simply Amazing


Facebook is solidifying its place as the number one social media company to look out for by releasing innovative new features at breakneck speeds. Today’s release of the Facebook iPhone interface is another stroke of genius.

Facebook is joining a number of companies courting the mostly affluent, early adopter crowd that own iPhones.  Dropping their website down to the 480×320 resolution never looked so easy.


By using the same motions for the transitions between pages that the native iPhone user interface employs and integrating familiar features like the ability to call your contacts directly from the webpages, this Facebook web app will make iPhone users forget they are on a webpage.  

Exactly what Steve Jobs wanted when he announced the Web 2.0 iPhone SDK.

New iPhone Commercial – Email like this!

“All these years, you’ve gone through the day without email like this in your pocket…
or stock updates like this in your pocket, or Internet like this in your pocket…

And you survived…

The question is…


CoasterDude2002 sent this in…looks great – I am sure it will hit Apple’s website in 3..2..
Edit: Apple has posted the new ads online:



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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Media Temple Administration on the iPhone Interface

MediaTemple iphone

We are not sure if systems admins will be able to ditch their desktop/laptops yet (the controls on this look a bit – shall we say- light) but this is certainly a step in the right direction.


We got this email from Media Temple this morning an couldn’t be more pleased to know that one more of our everyday-type tasks can be completed from the comfort of our iPhone.  


Bravo Media Temple!  The Revolution has begun!


Log in here if reading from an iPhone.

New iPod Stuff….Holy

iPod nano

Yep, all of you angry commenters were right. That mockup we showed you awhile back? It isn’t the new hi-end iPod.  It is the new iPod Nano! It will be about two inches square and play video (so technically we were right about being the new video iPods). It is coming in 4GB and 8GB sizes and will likely keep the same pricing.

  These little square machines are also coming in a new set of colors for all of us sick of the five already out.  Those 320×240 videos you saw with the new iPod OS?  That was a Nano.

The big news, though, is that the iPod XXXX (can’t reveal name yet…but hint: HTC is gonna be bitter) is going to be a phoneless iPhone.  No other technical information (like WiFi?!?! )was given from our source in Asia but according to him, they are in boxes being shipped to the US now.  Would you pay $299 for this thing at the low end and $399 for the high end?   Apple thinks you will.

As for the shuffles?  No word yet but if everything is getting ‘shuffled’ down then  there may be perhaps tiny screens for the smallest iPod family member?  I guess they wouldn’t be shuffles any more would they?  What is smaller than a Nano and is saucy?

All of this is still on track for August release…still no event notification from Apple?

Edit: Yep Apple has sent out the press invites but no iPods?

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