White iPhone box unveiled – hurrah!!

Alright, straight out of the trivia and conversation dept. comes the latest Apple iPhone leak — the white iPhone 4 box has been unveiled. Hurrah! Break out the champagne!

Anyhoo, if you’re on of the think and hold different ones waiting until the end of the month to pick up Apple’s harder than thought to manufacture but still on the way white iPhones, enjoy these little pictures — perhaps stick them to your old phone to stave off the longing while you look forward to your next iDevice. Be lucky.

Via: MIC


Apple looking for 'iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist' [Update: Apple yanks job post]

What a coincidence; just days prior to the July 4th App Store fraud incident, Apple set out to find a specialist to deal with fraud in the iTunes store and its components.

Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 9.01.32 AM.png

This full time specialist would work to ‘cancel fraudulent orders’ and ‘research and resolve fraud escalations from various sources.’ Hmm.. This person would have really come in handy the other day.

Did Apple know that issues such as the Thuat Nguyen incident were looming? Was there a spike in App Store fraud the last few weeks? Well at least now we know Apple has been on top of things and this is evident through this job posting and their quick response to the recent event.

This new job at Apple will surely aim to pull down those said ‘app farms’ and stop the recent spikes of fraudulent activity in the App Store. Although the July 4th incident is the most sizable iTunes fraud case we recall, only 400 people were affected. 400 people is practically nothing (0.0003%) when compared to the 150 million active iTunes accounts.

Update: Apple has removed the job posting. Uh Oh, Apple. – What say you?

VIDEO: The amazing iPhone-only pro-fashion photo shoot

That picture above is pretty interesting, right?

It features professional model, Olivia Price, one of a series of shots taken by Lee Morris during a high-end fashion shoot, complete with sylists, make-up artists, and others. And all the images were captured with an iPhone 3GS.

@Arnold Kim notes this amazing story, in which the photographer tells us all about how he assembled his team, including people to capture a video of the whole thing (below).

Admitting he used Photoshop on the original images, the professional lensman says: