US doctors make FaceTime for foot time chat

FaceTime may be being sold in that slightly schmaltzy ads-industry led way as a way for grandparents to see their younger relatives grow up into the college drop outs of tomorrow, and for absent fathers to watch their kids first steps as they beg for that missing alimony cheque, but there

Howto: Put Flash on your iPad

Engadget posts a quick howto on getting your iPad to play Flash videos…if that’s what you are into.

Details below 0. Make sure your iPad is jailbroken. It’s pretty easy — just run Spirit and you’re done.
1. Download Frash.deb and keep it nearby. [Update: We've been advised against hosting this ourselves, but it's not hard to find out there.]
2. Decide how you’re going to get files onto your iPad. For Mac users, it’s dead simple — just install Netatalk, which will automatically pop up your iPad in the Finder’s Sharing list. Windows users can try out this guide at iClarified to get OpenSSH installed and running and use WinSCP — it’s just as easy. Either way, the login is “root” and the password is “alpine.” Remember, you can seriously screw things up while you’re in there, so be careful!
3. Once you’ve got access to the iPad’s filesystem, navigate to /var/root/Media as shown here:

4. Once there, open Media and create a folder called “Cydia.”
5. Open the new Cydia folder and create another new folder called “AutoInstall”
6. Upload Frash to your new folder.
7. Restart your iPad a couple times.
8. You’re set! Now just navigate to a page in Safari with non-video Flash content and hit the F logo to play it. Again, no video for now, but games and other simple content works. We did have a few crashes here and there, but it’s early code, and things are bound to get better.


YouTube web app gets overhauled with HTML5

This afternoon YouTube completely transformed their mobile website into something completely new. The site features a drastic overhaul and is written specifically for HTML5 devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. 


The new user interface begins with a very clean looking ‘home-screen’ with quick and easy access to subscriptions, playlists, favorites, your uploaded content, as well as quick access to video searching and settings. 

The video viewing user interface has also been modified to a cleaner look with multitudes of additional options. You now have the option to play the video in its higher-quality format, like or dislike it, view and compose comments, and view related videos.

As others have noted, this new YouTube web app is substantially better than the native YouTube player in many regards. Videos load up much quicker, you have the HQ video option, and many other features from the standard website. Hopefully the native application included by Apple, since day one, will receive an update in the future with more features. 

On the larger side of things, the iPad’s online YouTube site slightly changed. When a user formerly navigated to on an iPad, they would be taken to a larger representation of the old mobile web app. Now, users are taken to the official standard layout you always have gotten while browsing videos on a standard Mac or PC. 

We also encourage iPad YouTube users to try the full YouTube experience by enabling HTML 5 video on their devices. You can easily do so by navigating to this YouTube page

White iPhone box unveiled – hurrah!!

Alright, straight out of the trivia and conversation dept. comes the latest Apple iPhone leak — the white iPhone 4 box has been unveiled. Hurrah! Break out the champagne!

Anyhoo, if you’re on of the think and hold different ones waiting until the end of the month to pick up Apple’s harder than thought to manufacture but still on the way white iPhones, enjoy these little pictures — perhaps stick them to your old phone to stave off the longing while you look forward to your next iDevice. Be lucky.

Via: MIC