iPhone Update 2.0.1 hits

Looks like Apple is making an attempt to squash some of those bugs that have plagued a few of y’all out there.  The 250mb update has no specific clues on exact fixes but is intended as a "bug fixes" release only.

No word yet if this release will have any affect on the fledgling Jailbreak 2.0s out there. 

How did the updates go for you?  Does your iPhone sync still take 10 minutes?

Update: Yeah the backup part of the synch seems to be marginally quicker.  IT makes it to 50% in a few seconds then slows.  Also, apps feel slightly snappier but that isn’t verified..




iPhone 32GB?

 If you’re like me, you weren’t seen on line at the Apple store or AT&T store. You might have wanted to be on that line, but you weren’t. If you’re like me, you’re waiting for a 32GB iPhone. The question is, when will we see one?  I don’t understand why there is no 32GB model yet. If I want a phone that does everything, I think it should have adequate space for all my data. The point is to have everything on one device. I don’t want to have to carry around an extra iPod!

Another thing that really annoys me is the battery life. The forbidden topic. It angers us all. Seriously. 5 hours on 3G? We all know that’s worse than the first iPhone, and we also know the first iPhone battery sucked. My mom needs to bring her charger everywhere she goes…not the average American, or should I say Apple dream.

While I am on the topic of what I despise about the iPhone right now, I might as well talk about the fact that some of these apps are overpriced. Really. I don’t even think some of these 9.99 apps are worth what they cost. I have already downloaded some free apps, because I’m so cheap…no not really. It’s just us teens don’t really get money as much as we used to, unless we babysit. But anyway the free apps I downloaded were amazing, and probably should have cost money. It’s funny. The high-priced apps aren’t worth what they’re asking for, yet the free apps are so cool they should cost something.

Another thing. What is with the camera, and why can’t we MMS? What if I want to send a quick pic to someone? What am I going to have to do? Email it? Let’s get one thing straight. As teens, we don’t email anymore. Everything is texted or Instant Messaged. We hardly even call each other. Texting has totally taken the place of that. If I am going to shell out over 2,000.00 for this phone in the coming two years, I want to at least be able to send pics with my phone. I thought that was one of the basics, that every phone should support. I guess I was wrong. The same with the camera. You can surf the web at supposedly “blazing” speeds, yet you can’t take videos or better quality pictures. Why can’t they start with the basics, and add on after that? I have to admit, the pictures look great on the phone, but once you sync it to your Mac, or  PC (I hope not), they don’t look so great. I guess I’m going a little too far— but one would expect a good quality camera, with such a “revolutionary” phone.

I’m not here to start a mutiny or revolt against Apple, but these are definitely some things you should think about. I just sometimes wish hard for the perfect product. I don’t want to have to wait until I get so old I can’t remember how to work the DVD player (if they’re still of use), to get the ultimate phone…or something near perfect. The iPhone has great potential, and is nearly there. Maybe just a few more years before it has everything a regular phone has….tisk tisk Apple…



Free App of the Week: Remote

 This Week’s Free App is none other than a classic device, servicing us for years. The Remote. Remote is Apple’s top-selling (or should I say downloaded) free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Remote is just what it sounds like. A remote. Just not for the TV. Remote works with iTunes or your Apple TV, to control your music library. I have to say, it’s pretty cool. I can sit on the sofa, or walk to the kitchen, and select what song I want to hear next, in the other room! Don’t get too excited…you need a respectable Wi-Fi network, to actually use it. Wi-Fi also needs to be turned on, on your iphone or iPod. The only cons:

1. There can be a lag depending on how far away or strong your connection is, which is kind of obvious

2. There is no Cover Flow option

3. You can’t listen to the music playing, on your iPhone or iPod Touch

4. It’s not a full functioning “remote”. It lacks compatibility with all other content on the Apple TV

Bottom line: Remote is just what Apple needed to make iTunes and Apple TV complete. We may have to wait, as usual, to get new updates that will fix some of the problems. Don’t fret. Remote rocks, and works just fine. Another reason to try and love it: It’s free.

Microsoft + Nokia = Nokiasoft's antiPhone

Today’s burning question: are Microsoft and Nokia hatching a plan to derail the iPhone’s momentum? And, if a claimed cooperative relationship between the two firms turns out to be true, are reports claiming an imminent iPhone nano reflective of an Apple strategy to deal with this new threat?

We have to grant we’re wandering the hinterlands of rumour and conjecture here, but this morning we learn Microsoft may be working with Nokia to cook up some kind of Zune phone…

As reported, the new plan from market-leading Microsoft involves Nokia building the hardware and Microsoft pimping the device(s) up with Zune-branded entertainment. Electric Pig reports the partners plan an "all-out assault" on Apple and its iPhone. 


We’d like to observe that Nokia is set to launch its Comes With Music service later this year, which suggests it may not really need a Zune connection for song sales….

We’ll see how this all plays out, but if there should be any truth at all in these rumours, then is Apple planning to accelerate plans for an iPhone nano in order to consolidate and widen its share of the market before Microsoft’s increasingly desperate-looking counter-attack begins?

Before the flaming begins, this is conjecture and speculation that’s inspired by unconfirmed rumour…

iPhone enterprise gold rush hits investment firms

There’s no shortage of enterprise implementations for the iPhone as a third wave of iPhone-focused solutions begin to emerge into the business markets.

News latest comes from Lab49, which today announced it has begun developing applications for the device for the financial services industries, focused on buyers and sellers within those markets.

The company confirmed it has seen "sizable and growing demand" for developing financial applications on the iPhone, and notes that hedge funds seem to be adopting Apple technology fastest of all within the sector.

If, like me, you aren’t in these industries, then what kinds of implementations are being discussed? Simple: applications include: real-time information and data visualization; mobile workflow management; and monitoring and management of real-time trading applications and high-performance infrastructures.


First fruit of the new development wave is "Lab49 Capital", an iPhone application that shows real-time portfolio management on the device. It’s nice because it helps portfolio managers track the performance of their assets in real time, and "slice and dice" positions, P&L and changes in the portfolio across multiple dimensions such as strategy, industry, country and manager.

"The new iPhone platform presents significant opportunities to buy-side and sell-side firms," said Marc Jacobs, director at Lab49. "The extension of financial applications to workforces across multiple floors, buildings, geographies, and client sites; faster response times to complex financial, legal and technical events; and quicker time to market, all make for a new wave of applications that can actually be applied throughout the financial enterprise."

We’ve come a long way from Gordon Gekko’s phone haven’t we?


Pigeon learns to play Tap Tap Revenge. Alfred Hitchcock's 'Birds' senario nears

You know that pigeon you have on your desk at work?  That’s right, the one you rescued off the street and nurtured back to health…well it turns out that domesticated office fowl <3 Tap Tap revenge.  Don’t believe us?? Cue up the video….


It does take awhile for this bird to get going and it doesn’t really seem like the pigeon get’s the gist of the game. I am glad I am not the only one.

Via Engadget

UK report claims iPhone nano for Christmas

Remember our report when we explained Apple’s preparing to diversify its iPhone range in order to bring its products within the reach of a wider customer base?

And recall Peter Oppenheimer’s intimations that the company plans to introduce a range of products other competitors can’t match, and that Apple is willing to sacrifice a little margin to make its offering a success?

And, of course, you can’t ignore that AT&T has persuaded Apple to allow it to remain the exclusive iPhone carrier until 2010…(there had to be something more in it for the carrier than just one model, after all…)

This morning in the UK reports claim Apple plans to introduce an smaller, cheaper ‘iPhone nano’ in time for Christmas 2008. This will be made available to pay-as-you-go customers and will cost £150, the Daily Mail explains.

"A cut down version, with the candy bar shape of iPod nano music players, would be a huge hit as a Christmas gift," an industry insider said.

(Image used here is not 4 real, people, no need to mention that, it came from here).

Microsoft Launches Vista Ad Campaign

 See Here. Microsoft has finally launched their response to Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. They call it the “Mojave Experiment” and basically called Vista by a different name (Mojave) to try to get rid of the bad association the name Vista has with the general public. It took me about 25 minutes to actually start watching the ads: dragging my mouse over those tiles was so addicting!


Unfortunately for Microsoft, I highly doubt that they will work. Even John Dvorak agrees with me! The ads just seemed so staged to me… the chance that a bunch of random people, who come in saying they hate Vista, would all of a sudden change their minds, and say they will immediately buy it, seems way to slim for the ads to have any effect over me. 



What I think Microsoft should have done with the ads is shown the same group of people Windows 7: the actual next version of Vista. If they had simply shown people’s reactions to the next version, not shown any features, and ended it with the name of the OS, I believe they could have built up some serious hype for the new OS. Instead, they are still trying to push a failed version of Windows, that no one will accept no matter how much advertising they do. Why doesn’t Microsoft do this? They can’t admit when they make a mistake.  If Microsoft could confess their failures, they would gain the respect and trust of the people, instead of having them believe that they are stupid because they think Vista is "a huge success" (Steve Ballmer). It appears though, that Microsoft is simply continuing their old ways… despite what they say.

For more extensive coverage about Apple, have a can of Mac Soda.



Keep it in the iFamily

 Synium Software has introduced MobileFamilyTree, its all-new iPhone/iPod touch application for genealogy application, MacFamilyTree 5.

The full-fledged genealogy software syncs your genealogy onto any iPhone or iPod touch, meaning your family tree is easily accessible and editable, and kept in sync with your Mac too.

The software requires a fully licensed installation of MacFamilyTree 5.2.3 or any newer version of our popular Mac genealogy application. Features include the ability to sync, view and edit multiple family trees on the iPhone or iPod touch, interactive lists for ‘Persons’ and ‘Families’, detailed information views with direct edit access and the ability to add and edit multiple ‘Partners’, ‘Children’, ‘Events’ and ‘Notes’. The software costs $4.99 from the App Store.

Part-time apps developers getting rich

Now that Apple is letting Apps developers know how many downloads their Apps are receiving, some successful coders are getting quite the positive "shell shock".  Part-time developers who didn’t know if they were making the monthly minimum($250) or not are finding out they have huge paychecks coming their way.

Eliza Block, our favorite crossword puzzle developer, found out she’s almost hitting $2000/day lately – which, according to her, was totally unexpected. 

Hey Seth,

So yes: they’ve provided us with download #s by region for the past 3 days (28th-30th). I did *way* better than I had expected, and am a little shell-shocked.

Here’s a screenshot from the report for yesterday:

But, she deserves it…her app is the best of the breed, filling a need that many people want.  The amazing thing is that Apple has taken care of everything from the development environment to the transaction services to the distribution to the marketing.   You can be a great software developer on your own without having a huge company to back you up.  This is truly a game changing play for Apple and the development community.

If you ever needed a motivation to get into the iPhone development world, *ahem take a look at the golden goose below….(full size)



Time to crack open those Objective C books…Maybe you’ll come up with something as good as 2Across

Buy 2Across (iTunes App Store Link)

Update: Here’s July 31st’s report.  It isn’t a fluke…it continues to grow…

digg_url = ‘http://9to5mac.com/iphone-apps-developers-rich';

De Vere's shows us diamond-studded iPhone luxury

 Diamond jewellers, De Vere’s of London, have introduced a range of diamond-studded iPhone 3Gs.

The range includes an iPhone studded with 88 diamonds commemorating Beijing’s summer Olympics. 88 signifies double wealth in Chinese superstition, the jewellers explained. That’s why the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is 8/8/08 at 8pm. The 88 diamonds are set into the steel bezel surrounding the iPhone’s screen. The price is £4148 ($8219).

De Vere’s is aiming its exclusively blinged-iPhones at the booming £700 million ($1.4 billion) luxury cellphone market that is driven by the new rich of China, Russia and the Middle East.

Another De Vere iPhone design contains 28 diamonds (£1,700, £3,376). 28 translates into easy to get wealth or easy to get rich. A design containing 168 diamonds translates into want smooth wealth. This version is £7,800 ($15,493).

"At De Vere’s of London we’ve looked at designing and creating diamond phones for some time". Said Philip De Vere. "We wanted to have the most elegant, glamorous and desired phones without being excessive.

"The black backed 3G iPhone came along at the right time. Its smooth, symmetrical and uncluttered shape was perfect. Inset this with diamonds and it’s reminiscent of a Cartier Art Deco vanity case of the 1920s. Very chic and glamorous," he added. 

De Vere’s then offered the luxury goods makers greatest compliment: "The Apple iPhone is already the most desirable phone on the market. We wanted to create the most desirable luxury phone on the market".