iOS Devices September 7, 2012

Earlier this week, we reported that the iPhone 5 (codenamed N42) will share the stage with a string of new iPod announcements on September 12th. At that time, we believed Apple would introduce two-to-three iPod refreshes next week, and now, we’ve received some more information on the matter. Based on the information we’ve received, Apple will be introducing a tweaked iPod shuffle, new iPod nano, and new iPod touches.

iPod shuffle:

According to our sources, a new iPod shuffle will be announced next week at or around the current $49 price point. We’re currently unsure of capacity. We’re also told that the changes to this new iPod shuffle will not be major changes. We’re also told that the new iPod shuffle will come in eight colors. That is up from the current line of five iPod shuffle colors.

iPod nano:

A new iPod nano is also said to be announced next week, but we’re currently unsure of technical specifics. The new iPod nano is said to have a completely new codename from last year’s model, which may point to some design and internal changes. Last year’s iPod nano update had the same design as the 2010 model, and its codename was the same as the 2010 iPod nano codename plus an “A.”

A taller iPod nano with WiFi has been rumored. ^

This new iPod nano, like the Shuffle, will come in eight colors. It appears that Apple may only have the higher-priced, higher configuration iPod nano this year. The current high-end of the iPod nano line is a 16GB player for $149. The price and capacity for this year’s model is still unconfirmed, though, but the price will likely not differ by much, if at all.

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Our sources have pinpointed that Apple will be announcing a single next-generation iPhone model codenamed “N42” at the September 12th iPhone media event. This new iPhone N42 model is the iPhone 5 that we reported on back in May.

In May, we said that this iPhone contains a taller, 1136 x 640 resolution 4 inch display, improved internals, and more.

Back in May, we also learned that Apple was working on an iPhone 5 codenamed N41, but it appears Apple selected the N42 over the N41. This N41 iPhone also had NFC, which is reportedly not coming in the shipping N42.

Following our early reports, we posted several images of back metal casings for the new iPhone that also point to its thinner design and smaller dock connector.

Here is the part codes matrix for the new iPhone launch from a source at a well-known U.S. retail chain: N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399.  A + B signify black and white.

We also understand that this new iPhone N42 will come in the same prices as the iPhone 4S. With this, we speculate that the configurations will remain at the iPhone 4S’s 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

We also are led to believe that pre-orders will begin soon after next week’s announcement. The new iPhone will not ship immediately in all countries.

We’ve also been told that there are several new accessories (which may be comprised of cases, cables, and adapters) ready to ship alongside this new iPhone N42. We previously reported that Apple would also showcase a string of new iPods at its event next Wednesday.

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iOS Devices September 6, 2012

Reuters reports that Apple is reducing orders from Samsung for internal iPhone 5 components. While Samsung is said to still supply some components for the next-generation Apple smartphone, Apple is still trying to lessen its reliance on the South Korean technology firm.

It seems that Apple’s latest supply chain move is an effort to widen its supply chain as the Reuters report denies that the move is not in response to Apple and Samsung’s global patent disputes.

The Korea Economic Daily first reported that Samsung component orders would be down for the new iPhone. According to the newspaper, Samsung displays, memory chips, and batteries are excluded from the iPhone 5’s initial production run. LG Display, and other Japanese and Chinese companies (including Sanyo) are said to be the suppliers of those critical iPhone elements.

Apple’s iPhone 5 will be announced at a September 12th media event.

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Last week, we reported on iPhone 3GS shortages, and now, according to The Telegraph, next week, Apple will discontinue the 8GB iPhone 3GS and add a new 8GB iPhone 4S. In this case, the current 8GB iPhone 4 would replace the 3GS as the entry-level (probably free on contract) iPhone. A new 8GB 4S is said to come in at the current 8GB iPhone 4’s spot in the lineup, and Apple will sell the new iPhone 5 models in the higher configurations replacing the current  iPhone 4S capacities.

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