iOS Devices ▪ April 10, 2010

iLounge details a lot of the changes in iPhone OS 4 (so far).  MacRumors notes Google branding has been removed from search as it had been on the iPad OS also.  Recent rumors have said Microsoft’s Bing could be added to the list of search engines in the iPhone search bar.  Yahoo is currently the other option but Wikipedia has also been found in build code.

iOS Devices ▪ April 9, 2010

Apple iPhone video conferencing software is being ramped up.  Apple already has an external server on which they are testing video conferencing. 

Since the 4.0 firmware only somewhat supports it, we don’t know how operate it or the syntax, but one module that is up and running on the server is what kicks off the process, the VCInit module, here:

Without the knowledge of thier protocol, it’s kind of useless. You can look at the IP though and tell that it’s an Apple server. they are also testing it on three different servers on their private intranet, but that is obviously not accessible from the outside world.


Thanks Will!

Update: If Verbose mode wasn’t impressive, how about Cydia and Blackra1n installed?  Also, it looks like Geohot is looking for a house on Zillow.

Geohot has the iPad booting in verbose mode, it would seem from this tweet.  

For those of you following along at home…

Keys for the 3.2 iPad firmware

KEY: 1E3A1CA2F45D15452B16B9FE0A2C214A0AF897F09EE269F8E5967FC74B1022AC
IV: 36E1BCD042AC193F7305C8E6077D3DF7

KEY: 31E7ECD9C364414205A8FA0092CC80C0D67EAE40E75FFA27B37048C42335A106
IV: 9C051576DDD94F48C324CF7AC3197FE1

And of course, the bootrom:
SecureROM for s5l8930xsi, Copyright 2009, Apple Inc.

We’re not exactly sure where The Flash Blog stands as a mouthpiece of Adobe corporate (official vs. unofficial), but they’ve certainly let their feelings be known without any sugar coating or corporate speak.  Lee Brimelow, the author is a Platform Evangelist at Adobe focusing on the Flash, Flex, and AIR developer communities.

What is clear is that Apple has timed this purposely to hurt sales of CS5. This has nothing to do whatsoever with bringing the Flash player to Apple

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