Apple to make OLED MacBook soon?

The Register is today reporting (and also Smarthouse) that an LG insider spilled the news that Apple will soon be updating its MacBook Pro line to include an OLED option.

"An LG staffer has made the very bold claim that 15in Apple notebooks equipped with OLED displays will appear within months… the mole added that once Apple’s unveiled its 15in OLED notebook, LG will then launch its own standalone 15in OLED panels later in the year."

This would make the price of the OLED option MacBook get pretty steep, according to the Register who quote a £2000 ($2700) starting price.  That doesn’t seem that hefty to a high end MacBook Pro buyer.  It would also – theoretically – make the MacBook Pro thinner and lighter.  And tastier.

The Register went on to say that they expected some larger screen OLED displays for televisions (And perhaps Apple Monitors?).  One interesting thing about OLED displays is that not only are they extraodinarily thin, they can also be curved slightly.

Could this be the minor upgrade our tipster was speaking of?  We can only hope!


Pro Apps and MacBooks to see update at WWDC

We just got a call in from our favorite Apple source who says that Apple is going to have a minor update at WWDC for MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  He said he wasn’t sure what the minor upgrade was but there was speculation that there might be some sort of 3G hardware built-in and/or speed bumps.  Perhaps even non-removable batteries on the smaller sized laptops.  Again, that part is just speculation at this time.

Also, he said there would be a big Pro apps update.  Final Cut Pro, Aperture, Logic, Shake should all see significant updates.  

We are still waiting on news of the 10-inch netbook/tablet device.  We don’t have any specifics or timeframes yet because this project is being kept under lock and key.  We hope to have something better in the coming weeks. 

Update: Whoa! could we be looking at OLED Display updates?!

That’s all … for now.


Jibbler voice controls added to iPhone 3.0?

Ars points out that the new iPhone OS has some special speech-related references with a codename Jibbler.  It looks to provide voice synthesis and also rudimentary voice recognition for functions like voice calling and possibly more advance featres like voice navigation of Springboard, the Finder of the iPhone.

Our sources turned up references to classes and methods named VSSpeechSynthesizer, VSRecognitionSession, SBVoiceControlDisableHandlerActions, SBSensitiveJibblerEnabled, and SBVoiceControlSoundCompletion. SB refers to SpringBoard, and VS likely refers to Voice Services. The separate Voice Services classes leave open the possibility that Apple may eventually allow access to these services via the official SDK. There’s no indication whether these voice features will be tied to newer hardware expected this summer or if the features will be compatible with existing iPhone hardware.

Finally, these functions could help out with assisted services for disabled users and help in their ability to interact with the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Apps like Google Mobile and Vlingo have used voice recognition on the iPhone but the means to do so has never been built into the Core OS..until now.

Flash enters the home

It really is interesting to see this web of companies all entering into each others territory.  Google is building an OS to compete with Microsoft and Apple.  Microsoft is making an iPod touch-like Zzzune. 

Adobe today is announcing their foray into the home television market space (AppleTV and many others) with Flash for TV.  Adobe said it expects the first available products with the new Flash runtime will likely be televisions shipped later this year.

Hardware and chip partners for the project include Broadcom, Intel, NXP Semiconductors, Sigma Designs and STMicroelectronics. Distribution partners include Comcast, Disney Interactive, Netflix, New York Times Co. and Atlantic Records.

'Apple AV Cable' to launch with iPhone HD?

Phonenews has posted some welcome (if true – we’re not so sure how legit this one is) information on upcoming iPod and iPhone AV cables.  Until now, Apple has made its users buy expensive, specially-chipped cables if they wanted iPods and iPhones to connect to TVs.  Because of this complication and cost, the cables haven’t sold very well. We also hear that the new Zune will have HD out.

Phonenews thinks that is about to change:

Apple will remedy this with a cable, which is known simply as the Apple AV Cable. The cable will function similar to the Xbox 360 Component AV Cable. The consolidated cable will support both component and composite output, allowing users to plug in to both HDTV and SDTV displays without the need for multiple cables.

The reason that Apple is doing this has been confirmed by The next generation of iPhone and iPod touch will make broad and sweeping changes to HD display capacity on the devices. First, Apple will likely offer at least one version of the iPhone and one version of iPod touch with an even higher resolution screen, targeting both Microsoft’s Zune HD, as well as HTC’s Touch HD and Touch Pro2.

Currently the iPhone and iPod touch do not exceed 480i and 480p (respectively) in terms of video resolution. However, the next iPhone and iPod touch will enable full HD playback, with 720p and 1080i output modes.

Multiple options will be given to users to get HD video onto their TV, via iPhone and iPod. First, consumers will be able to store HD shows on their devices directly. However, considering the limits of flash storage, this is a time consuming process. Enter Bonjour. Apple will also provide the ability for users to plug their iPhone into their HDTV, and gateway onto a user’s Wi-Fi network, and access their entire iTunes library on their HDTV.

The end result is that a user can sit at their HDTV, using an Apple AV Dock and an Apple Remote, controlling their iPhone much as they do an Apple TV today. This ensures that a new iPhone owner will be able to purchase, for under $100, all the equipment needed to access (via the iPhone) all of their computer-stored HD content, on their HDTV.

A welcome and timely upgrade if true.  We aren’t so sure how well HD Video will stream over Wifi to the new iPhones.  They’ll also have to have some serious video muscle in them.  We’ll believe it when we see it.

Apple's App Store filling up with Books?

According to Ben Lorica from O’Reilly, "Books as Apps" is the fastest growing segment of application developement in the App store.  Here’s what’s happening: Instead of just selling an eBook through Amazon and the other online distributors, Publishers (with help from developers like Scrollmotion) are creating their own app out of a book.  They can then sell the app with all of the freedom that Apple has allowed its other developers.   The "Books as Apps" category has grown 280% in the last three months alone and is threatening to overtake categories like Entertainment and Games.  Read more.