iOS Devices ▪ May 8, 2010

We’ve seen that the new 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros are a bit strange about when they decide to turn on their heavy-duty, power-sapping discrete video chips.

For those who don’t think they need discrete graphics for Tweetie, or want to be in full control of what graphics card their MacBook is using, gfxCardStatus by Cody Krieger might be something to consider.  It has a simple menu bar toggle (‘N’ and ‘I’ below) that overides the OSX’s choice of chip.  Engadget says it is a “little bit buggy” so proceed with a “little bit” of caution.


gfxCardStatus is an open-source menu bar application that keeps track of which graphics card your 2010 MacBook Pro is using at any given time, and allows you to switch between them manually.


  • Simple, clean “i” and “n” icons that signify Intel

Why can’t we all just get along?

Gizmodo points us to the artist himself:

I decided to create the same mobile app – a small piano/drum sequencer thing – on 3 mobile platforms: Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone OS. As a developer I didn’t quite succeed: audio latency is a b*tch and building the app from the same source proved to be possible but unusable, so I ended up writing it three times: in java for android, in C# for windows mobile and in Objective-C for iPhone… To play them all at once I just taped them on a piece of wood together with a battery powered speaker. Add lots of audio cables and TADAAA: a very playable guitar shaped instrument that makes a hell of a noise… I added Pocket Stompbox, a virtual amp with lots of great real time effects and of course the FANTASTIC iShred app from Frontierdesign.

iOS Devices ▪ May 7, 2010

Interesting chart of the day from SAI today.  With all of those iPhone and iPad ads everywhere, you’d think Apple would be outspending  everyone in the tech space.  However, it appears that Microsoft has spent more than double Apple’s budget in 2009 ” across print, online, radio, tv, and outdoor.”


It is also interesting to note that Google is spending almost nothing ($11 mil?!) in advertising. Perhaps it gives itself good rates on Adsense.

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