iOS Devices July 9, 2010

It was only a matter of time before this would happen, and it did. Introducing iChatr, an app which mimics the infamous Chatroulette, but is exclusive to iPhone 4 owners. The app uses the iPhone 4’s front facing camera to setup random video chats between users. Simply launch the app and you will be greeted by the shining ….*face of some nice stranger. Sick of the new person in your life? Swipe for the next lucky iPhone 4 user.

Also, to hear the human on the other end of the chat, be sure to pop in some headphones. For some reason the developers don’t have the audio feed connecting to the iPhone’s speakers. For those wondering, one way random video chats with older iPhone models doesn’t seem to work.

Oh, and the app is free.

Yesterday we posted a great and in depth article about the new Fring for iPhone, and we featured our experiences about using Skype with it. Today, the company has pulled access to Skype video and voice calling from the application. Although this is temporary, it is a big deal as it is not isolated to iOS but is something occurring across the Fring app ecosystem. 

Readers have reached out to Fring for comment and the company left the following official statement on their website:


This official statement clearly shows the company’s push towards users utilizing Fring’s internal system and not third party’s. We hope Skype and other clients follow in their footsteps and allow video conferencing in their official apps very soon.

Via Mobiture.


The fine folks at Fortune report that YouTube has announced support for ultra high-quality video. The announcement, which came at today’s VidCon 2010 conference, promises video “that you typically see on 25 foot IMAX screens” 

As you can imagine, playing this type of video at home would require some killer setup with a fast computer running a fast Internet connection with an insane video card and display.

To be specific, the full support resolution is 4096 x 3072 which is typically abbreviated as 4K. You can watch a sample video above filmed on RedOne 4K camera.

Well informed sources have notified us that the rumors of a 5 mega-pixel camera coming to this fall’s iPod touch line may not have merit. They claim the new iPod touch will have a 3.2 megapixel camera that has similar characteristics to the one found in the iPhone 3GS.  Update:Digitimes agrees.


This also takes us back to those iPod touch prototypes that we have seen to time to time. Just a few months ago we saw some prototypes show up on eBay and case manufactures even created cases for them in anticipation of their release last Fall.

Our source did not go into much detail but they do fit MacRumors’ discovery about camera sizes. Their report proves that a 5 mega-pixel camera simply won’t fit in the current design, let alone anything thinner (which Jobs and Ive love to push).

Also, Apple likes to create some distance between the features of the higher end iPhone and the lower end iPod touch.  This would do exactly that.


Our informed sources have told us the design change would not follow past iPod touch update history. The iPod touch 1G to iPod touch 2G can be compared to the original iPhone to iPhone 3G design change. The iPhone 3G got a curved back and so did the second generation iPod touch.

The iPhone 3GS looked the same as the iPhone 3G and the iPod touch 3rd generation looks the same as the second generation. If part history would repeat itself, the 4th iPod touch would follow the same design elements brought to the iPhone 4.

Our sources say that this year, that won’t be the case. We assume it may be some new drastic change we have yet to see, or it will look just like the picture above. That would be odd though, for Apple to keep the same design for three generations of an iPod.

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