April Fool's day around the Web

April Fools is in high gear today around the technology world:

Apple is selling an album of silence

Google is not only the king of search but it is the undesputed leader in April Fool’s day gags.

Quallcom is putting wireless transmitters in birds.

Macworld UK is reporting Steve Jobs is in an ice skating contest.

Opera has face gesture recognition.

Gizmodo looks like it got taken over by a pre-teen alien conficker virus.

Reddit looks more like some other site.

ThinkGeek has some good stuff on their site today.

More below

TUAW is going back in time.

Even Microsoft has gotten into the act.  Sorta.

The Guardian is moving to Twitter.

Tivo is recording ahead of time now.

We’re sure there are many more.  Hook us up in the comments, we’ll post.


New iPhone SDK 9M2725 and iPhone OS 7A259g released…breaks Skype's AT&T access?

We aren’t sure if we’ll be able to use Skype over 3G after installing this. Anyone want to test this for us before we commit to losing 3G VOIP?  More juicy details below.

Update: Skype over 3G and Tethering still work properly.

Along with the SDK, iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 Build: 7A259g is also released.  It comes in at 228 MB.

We are, as you can see, downloading them both now and will report on any improved snappieness™.

Skype works on AT&T's 3G on iPhone 3.0

We just found something very interesting.  When you install Skype on a 3.0 developer preview iPhone, you can use AT&T’s connection to make and receive calls.  It even works pretty well over EDGE.  Skype treats AT&T’s WWAN like a Wifi connection.  I did a quick video and posted it below:

Update:we just made a Skype call over 3G to another 3.0 iPhone using 3G.  The sound quality was as good, if not  better than normal AT&T.  (Thanks  Josh!!)

BTW, if you are commenting that it doesn’t work for you and you don’t have the 3.0 developer preview, you are missing the whole point of this post.