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Macrumors reports that iTunes 9.1 will be released alongside the iPad and will include a number of enhancements including:

  • ‘Audiobooks’ section will now be ‘Books’ and contain all Book content: audio, eBook, etc compatible with the given device (iPod, iPhone, iPad)
  • Genius Mixes will include songs that go great together, “users will have more control over Genius Mixes, including the ability to rename mixes and rearrange them by dragging. Users will also be able to delete Genius Mixes by right clicking on them. Genius Mixes will also reportedly be available as sources for the iTunes DJ shuffle feature.”
  • Support to automattically update songs to 128-bit AAC – like the Shuffle currently does – to save space
  • It will have tweaked summary panes (including a move of the “Check for Update” and “Restore” buttons to the left side of the pane)

It will be interesting to see how Apple organizes its Books section because there are so many confusing things going on here with iBookStore, Amazon’s Kindle Store, Audible, third party book apps, etc.

According to Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley (who has an admittedly spotty record), Apple is almost doubling its production of iPads to 8-10 million for calendar year 2010.  That up from an initial estimated run of 5+ million.  Other findings:

  • Suppliers now expect to ship 2.5 million in the first three months alone (March to May), considerably ahead of Huberty’s estimate of 750,000 by the end of June.
  • Shipments are not sales, however, and Huberty is sticking with her sales estimate of 6+ million iPads in 2010. The Street’s consensus, she says, is closer to 3-4 million.
  • Each incremental one million iPads shipped, by her calculation, equates to earnings increases of roughly $0.25 EPS.

Apple may be able to keep those New York Times homescreen videos on their iPad demo videos afterall.  Brightcove last night sent out a press release (below) saying that they’ve developed an HTML5 solution for their partner’s websites.  That includes the New York Times (a Brightcove investor) and Time, both of which should be available at launch, this week.

The New York Times and TIME Inc. are already using the product, which provides support for intelligent device detection, playlist rendering, and playback of H.264 encoded video content.

Interestingly, Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove’s founder and CEO, was also the founder of ColdFusion which was purchased by Macromedia in in 2001.  At Macromedia, Jeremy became CTO and helped create the Macromedia MX (Flash) platform before leaving and starting Brightcove in 2004.

Some of Brightcove’s customers (also IDG/Computerworld)

When you consider that the WSJ, NPR, CBS, and now Brightcove’s customers will have Flash replacements at the launch of the iPad, it looks like Steve Jobs’ crusade to get HTML5 video out the door has been pretty successful so far. 

As of this writing, the and still don’t play video on the iPad simulator but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any changes.

Brightcove press release follows:

Hi Seth, 

Just wanted to give you a heads up that today Brightcove is announcing a free solution that will make it easy for Brightcove customers to adapt their online video content so it is playable in HTML5-compatible devices like the iPad. The new platform solution, Brightcove Experience for HTML5, helps Brightcove customers bring high quality, interactive and advertising-supported online video to more customers, specifically those using devices that do not support Flash.

The New York Times and TIME Inc. are already using the product, which provides support for intelligent device detection, playlist rendering, and playback of H.264 encoded video content. All of Brightcove’s 1,300+ customers will be able to take advantage of Brightcove Experience for HTML5 today.

I’ve included the press release below for your reference. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Brightcove Experience for HTML5 Unveiled

Publish, Distribute and Monetize Web Video for the iPad and Other Apple Devices

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 29, 2010

There had been some question of whether Apple was going to introduce a dashboard to the iPad. Developer Richard Hong gives us his take on it (non-Flash):

via TechCrunch.

By the way developers, if you have an interesting app, sent it along to tips@9to5mac and we’ll try to get them some airtime.

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