Weekend Dealz – Canon Rebel XTi 10 megapixel $200 off

Update: 1.5Tb SATA Hard Drive for $149

Ever since the awesome but $3500 Canon 5D came on the scene, Canon’s lower range but still awesome line of Digital SLRs have been plummeting in price.  The super sweet spot among these is the uber- popular Canon Rebel XTi which comes in at the lowest price ever $499 (with a lens) at Amazon this week ($200 off).  The 10 megapixel gem has been capturing pictures around the 9to5mac household for a few months now.  We are still in awe of the pictures we take but the best part is that we get to pooh pooh all of our chump point and click friends because they aren’t "SLR sophisticated".  We might just get another one for the family for Xmas. 

Oh, and here’s a $28 16Gb Compact Flash card to go with.




Drobo Apps make Drobo all that more kewl

It was love at first sight with Drobo.  The smart hard drive enclosure was the (albeit more expensive than we had hoped) answer to our questions of "Why doesn’t someone make a smart NAS with good expandability and let me worry about getting the drives.  Make it have easy to configure setup and expandable while you are at it?"

Drobo has been getting a little better and better for the past year.  First a Firewire 800 version, then Droboshare, a stand alone Drobo NAS maker (Can control two Drobos).  Now Drobo has gone and become a platform with Drobo Apps.

Drobo is based on Linux and the developers have opened the platform for the development of little bits of functionality done by 3rd party programmers.  Currently there are about 30 apps.  Favorites include:

The Drobo development SDK is available in case you have the next great NAS idea.

Slightly annoying but also slightly instructional video here.





WWDC Apple training sessions now available for $$$

Didn’t get to go to WWDC on the company dime?  Missed all of the educational programs?  Got a few bucks left in the expense account to burn before the year is over?  Apple has you covered.  All three tracks of classes offered at WWDC are available for download from the iTunes store. 

Before you go reaching for your iTunes gift card, they aren’t cheap.  $500 each or $1000 for the whole set.

Amazon offering rebates on MacBooks

Starting today, Amazon users are now able to get instant rebates on top of discounts on Apple’s newest laptops. (And free shipping and no sales tax if you live in the right states). 

You’ll save $50 on the unibody MacBook.  Enough to buy an external mouse to help with that new trackpad learning curve and have money left over for some shades for using that display in the sun.

On unibody Macbook Pros, you can get a $100 instant rebate.  That’s enough to buy a dual link DVI connector to run your 30 inch display.  Or you can pick up a $100 32Gb SSD for your ExpressCard slot.

Oh, the DisplayPort MacBook Air that started shipping today is also $50 off.

On the older MacBooks, you’ll save $75 off an already reduced price to $1,159.23 on 2.4Ghz models.  This is lower than most corporate discounts.


By shopping with our links, you be funding our DisplayPort-Dual link DVI adapter fund…we are 1/10 of the way toward our goal!

Free iPhone (and MacBook?) Wifi at Starbux…

We don’t have to tell you that in Safari you can enable Show Develop menu in menu bar (Prefs/advanced) then go to Develop/Useragent iPhone to get free wifi on your MacBook do we?

Update: The fine folks in the comments have pointed out that yes, you will need to have an AT&T iPhone account to do this.  Is there anyone left who doesn’t?

Update 2: OK, the easiest way to do this is to download a MAC address spoofer and once you legitimize your iPhone, change your MacBook Airport MAC address to be the same as your iPhones.  This is much quicker and easier than typing the URL sent by AT&T.

Via Engadget

Weekend Amazon Deals: $99 HP Laser Multifunction, New $120 8Gb Fatty Nanos, $50 off Kindle

Three really good deals for Apple people out there from our Amazon partners…

The HP Laserjet M1319F Printer is a Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax for $99 with free super saver shipping.  It lists at $300 but is usually seen in the $200 range.  Laser printers have really come down in price over the past year.  Update: Stock ran out but you can still order for shipping when stock is replenished.  Choose the $99 option

Also, for you fatty (your words, not ours) Nano fans out there, get a new 8Gb nano for $120.  These don’t have that rounded screen that the current models have that can sometimes cause glare.  If you like the new models, Amazon also has those on sale for $135.

Finally…If you’ve been wanting to try out an Amazon Kindle, Amazon.com is now offering $50 off of the Kindle’s $359 price tag by simply entering the code OPRAHWINFREY at checkout.  Beware, dear reader, for Opera may just be helping Amazon to clear out inventory before the new Kindle arrives.




1TB hard drives dipping below $100 retail for the first time

Another milestone has been reached as hard drives keep getting bigger and bigger and cheaper and cheaper.  The sub 10 cent Gigabyte era is upon us as a few retailers are selling 1TB hard drives for $100.  Frequent 9to5mac.com advertisers, Other World Computing are offering Samsung Spinpoint P drives for $99. 

Also Amazon is offering is offering a Seagate Barracuda for $100 (since raised back to $130).  If you are a rebate kind of person you can get a 1Tb drive at NewEgg for $99 after $30 rebate.

1TB drives have been coming down in price more significantly since larger 1.5 TB drives have hit the market.

What makes SATA drives more interesting/fun is that you can use them like hot swapable disk drives if you get a USB docking station (like pictured).  They have standardized power/interface port locations acoss all drives and manufacturers.

The first hard drive I ever bought was a 80 MB SCSI Hard drive which was just under $1000.  Today, if someone gave me a 80 MB USB Key, I’d probably toss it.


Apple TV gets eco-friendly with better music video

The recently introduced Apple TV 2.2 update may have made an appearance with little fanfare, but did in fact introduce a range of cool improvements to the device.

We’re all aware that the system can now generate Genius playlists based on a selected track – that feature’s been widely-reported. But it doesn’t stop there – system handling of music videos has at last been improved, in order that users can simply hit a button and the music videos will play one after another.

That’s significant because until now you had to initiate playback on each music video manually. And you can now also shuffle videos as well, and also build your own video playlists, which can include a mix of music and video.

Green-aware users have complained that the Apple TV is an always-on device. If you’ve ever touched one in operation you’ll know that it exudes a fair amount of heat, suggesting the system also uses a fair amount of power. With no way to switch the machine off, this was a waste of energy – not really in tune with the times. The new software now offers a Standby button within the device menu.

The update also includes user interface tweaks in the YouTube player and photo slideshows and introduces new features like On-The-Go and Genius playlists, HD television shows purchases and an improved standby mode. 

US users can also purchase TV shows in HD format. Browsing the store has been massively improved – you can now browse movies on the iTunes store by actor and director. Select “More” on the movie page and browse the actor and director list on the left to see other movies for that individual.

Additional new features include support for On-the-Go playlist creation and a bunch of security enhancements.

Early reports suggested that installing the software could create problems with the system engaging in an endless cycle of restarts – we experienced similar symptoms, but the system seemed to right itself after around five minutes.


Dodgy G4 Mac laptop power adaptor list grows

 United States resident Mac users with older (pre-Intel) PowerBooks or iBooks should take another look at the list of models included within the power adaptor settlement that was announced earlier this year.

The website for the scheme (which was launched as part of a class action lawsuit pertaining to the safety of these adaptors) now offers a two-page list of models and serial numbers, and if yours is one of those named, then you’re due a cash payment from Apple, so long as you make your claim by February 11, 2009.

"The settlement will provide a cash payment if you purchased certain model Apple PowerBook or iBook computers, the power adapter failed within the first three years following the initial retail purchase of the computer, and you purchased a replacement adapter," the website states.

The lawsuit claimed that the Adapter sold with the Subject Computers is defective in that it “dangerously frays, sparks and prematurely fails to work,” and that Apple engaged in misrepresentations regarding the Adapter.  Apple denies all allegations and has asserted many defenses.  The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.

Cheers to Infinite Loop

iPhone or iPod stand made out of a paper clip

Here’s a quick  video from Lifehacker on how to make a little iPod/iPhone stand from a paper clip. Apple, if it had any creativity whatsoever, would have made that paperclip that ejects your SIM into this little guy via some crazy transformer robotics.

This reminds me of a guy I sat next to who used his dinner roll as an iPod stand on a flight to New York. This is a big improvement.