I never really understood why iOS grants you so little control over Control Center. Apple seems to be getting a lot more open for users starting in iOS8. With that in mind, I made a concept on how I think the apps within the Control Center can be removed and added, so you can decide for yourself which four apps are instantly at your disposal.

Check it out:

Would be awesome to see something like this actually implemented in iOS8? What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Concept on how to take control over your Control Center”

  1. Wow! if it were an official apple add-on, i would pay for it!


  2. BenRadUK says:

    I would assume that the reason they wouldn’t allow this is because they would not want to add any apps to Control Center that could leak passcode hacks. For instance, Control Center is accessible from the lock screen however only links to (and opens) apps that offer no sensitive data or security flaws. Imagine you were able to add your Contacts app or something similar to be opened at the lock screen without putting in a PIN. Or even if you were then prompted for a PIN, there may still be security flaws that allow simple hacks to open the phone. These already have existed natively on iPhones…imagine the holes that would open up if 3rd party apps were accessible from the lock screen.
    Just my opinion though…


  3. zubeirg87 says:

    I think they could give the option of more than 4 apps. The apps icons could be swiped left or right just like the home screen or the old multi tasking bar of ios. Now about the screen unlocking, it could happen after the app icon is tapped. And the user could be given the choice of which apps require passcode and which don’t.