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We’ve already shown you where to grab a Yosemite-optimized iTunes icon since Apple’s current developer preview does not include the update previewed at WWDC. Now that we have a good idea of how OS X 10.10 apps look, Doney den Ouden has released a mockup version of the next version of iTunes could look like. See the full resolution version attached on Dribbble.

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6 Responses to “iTunes 12 redesigned for OS X Yosemite (Concept)”

  1. I hope iTunes is ditched by then, replaced with a streaming service like Spotify, but with the addition of the ability of importing your ‘old’ iTunes library for local access.
    iTunes is an old and tired app and needs to be retired asap!


  2. Looks good, but I see no area for the playback progress bar.


  3. Any chance iT12 will be more friendly with Hi Rez music – like properly tracking the bitrate?