Easily setup your legacy USB printers as AirPrint compatible printers using the new ActivePrint Cloud Server! Simply plug in your USB printer to one of the USB ports on this small device and your printer will become usable by AirPrint on your iPad or iPhone!

Optionally you can also convert USB printers and shared Network printers into Cloud Printers compatible with Google Cloud Printing and ActivePrint Cloud Print! All you need is an available ethernet port on your router or DSL/Cable modem and access to the internet.

Powered by Raspberry Pi, the ActivePrint Cloud Server is about the size of a couple of iPhones stacked on top of each other. So you can hook it up pretty much anywhere without taking up much space.

The ActivePrint Cloud Server is available for order now for $149.95 (plus shipping) through either Square or PayPal.

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4 Responses to “Make Even Legacy USB Printers Work With AirPrint”

  1. dero2k says:

    wtf 150$

    a raspberry py is around 25$ and you can do airprint with free open source software.

    so they charge you 125$ for a raspberry case and the sd card with everything set up


  2. cteel2004 says:

    There are two big differences here from what you’re talking about. One is it is geared towards people that may not have the expertise to put together their own Raspberry Pi unit and setup all the open source solutions. This is ready to go out of the box. Second, we include our own cloud printing service on top of the open source solutions as well as 5 years of free service (worth $49.95 by itself).


  3. Holy wow. Can’t I just buy a new AirPrint compatible printer for much less than this?


    • cteel2004 says:

      There are some AirPrint printers out there for less than this (I found an HP unit for about $70 for example). But most don’t have any cloud printing capability without requiring a PC to be connected to the printer and always on. This box will give you both AirPrint compatibility as well as Cloud Printing through either our own ActivePrint Cloud Printing service or through Google’s Cloud Printing service.

      This will also add AirPrint and Cloud Print to multiple printers on one box. So if you have an office with more than one non-AirPrint or non-Cloud Printer, you can add this capability to all of them as long as they’re connected either to one of the USB ports or if the printer is on the same network as this box. So for example, if you have 5 older inkjet printers that don’t support AirPrint or Cloud Printing you can buy just one of these boxes and make all of them AirPrint and Cloud Print compatible without having to replace each one.