Sketchy purported Lightning cables

Leave it up to Apple to solve the age old problem of plugging in your USB cable the wrong way, right? After all, Apple solved half of that problem when it introduced the iPhone 5 and its Lightning connector in 2012 after years of connecting the 30-pin cable in the wrong way then readjusting. Still, though, the standard USB connector is subject to the USB ports on our hardware which is not reversible-compatible.

That’s why a set of photos gone viral from an Asian site purporting to show the next generation of Apple Lightning cables with a reversible USB end have caught so much attention. It appears to show some sort of USB connection that you could insert into your existing USB ports without getting it wrong, but we’re not certain these photos are credible enough to expect to see this new accessory ship this fall based on existing USB ports.

If the leaked images don’t pan out to be true as we suspect, we’ll continue to struggle on with the popular first world problem of connecting our USB cables in backwards before we get it right, and in time perhaps future USB ports and cables with a smarter design will come standard on all our hardware.


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