Remote Buddy’s menu for iTunes when controlled with the Harmony Smart Remote

Mac HTPC enthusiasts have been searching for a way to integrate their Mac with their Logitech Harmony universal remote for years. Now a Remote Buddy update ( finally offers a solution by adding support for the latest model: the Harmony Smart Control.

Thanks to this, Mac users can now control 100+ Mac apps like Plex, EyeTV, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, DVD Player, Mac Blu-Ray Player, iPhoto, Lightroom, XBMC, Movist and VLC with their Harmony Smart Control.

Because Remote Buddy and the Harmony Smart Control communicate over Bluetooth, no extra hardware should be needed for most Macs. Bluetooth also makes the remote highly responsive and no line of sight is needed.

To make things as easy as possible, developer IOSPIRIT provides a complete How-To for setting up the Harmony software and connecting the Smart Control to Remote Buddy in a new blog article:

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