Last night I tuned in to watch Jimmy Fallon’s opening night as NBC’s new host of The Tonight Show following Jay Leno’s second retirement.

Fallon previously hosted Late Night which follows The Tonight Show on the same network. His move from Late Night to The Tonight Show included the same announcer (Steve Higgins), the same band (The Roots!), and is even located in the same building (his studio moved across the hall) at 30 Rock in New York City (after 42 years in Los Angeles).

But one thing was not the same last night…

During his run hosting Late Night, his desk was decked out with a MacBook with the illuminated Apple logo. He even referenced it awkwardly (and comedically) recently during an interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. It sort of provided a modern, cool factor to the set, but that MacBook is noticeably different now: the Apple logo is gone!

It wasn’t just covered up with an NBC logo or hidden behind of a cup of pens or something, and it’s not not a MacBook anymore… it just doesn’t have an Apple logo!

While it could just be an aluminum colored skin, it’s still curious why essentially the same show on the same network with the same host would require that deliberate change. The only thing that really changed was the time slot from 12:35 AM EST to 11:35 PM EST (up an hour).

Any guesses? Anyone? Maybe The Tonight Show and NBC had some sort of agreement that didn’t transition over in time, but why not just not have a MacBook at all? It’s not exactly crucial to the show’s function.

At any rate, I hope Jimmy gets his Apple (logo) back soon.

Images via NBC

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14 Responses to “Why did Jimmy Fallon’s MacBook lose its Apple?”

  1. Maybe there is a network exec who has it out for Apple? Or maybe they don’t wanna lose some viewer base?
    I really have no idea.


  2. Maybe this time, the set people thought the light that can be distracting to the viewer. I like the Apple logo being on. Plus how can you not know what it is.


  3. There are tons, TONS of covers – which is what that looks like – that aren’t transparent.


  4. I wondered that too. I noticed that in the ending credits, Apple is not listed as a sponsor like it was for the ending credits of Late Night. Maybe that’s why.


  5. nothing is free, and the things that are free. They are not free either.


  6. Different show, better time slot, more viewers means NBC wants more money.


  7. Comcast now owns NBC. Why should Comcast fear Apple?

    Oh yeah. Never mind.


  8. Check out the closing credits for “Late Night” here, skip to 1:08:

    Apple paid for promotional inclusion on Late Night. Looks like they haven’t (at least not yet) on Tonight.


  9. The Tonight So seems much more conservative, in general, than the Late Show. Even Fallon’s signature closely tailored suit is a bit more conservative in the earlier time slot. NBC has a huge monetary investment in ensuring the Tonight Show is a success (think: Conan ratings tragedy). Not to come off elitist, but a lot of what made Jay Leno a success had to do with his obvious and sometimes forced catering to middle America. Apple is seen as different, upscale, and metropolitan. Me thinks highlighting the logo only risks alienating a few people (who instantly would judge Fallon as uppity or an outsider) in the at home audience, whereas it doesn’t attract anyone new. Only a potential downside.


  10. Dave C says:

    Jimmy Fallon won’t be there long enough for it to matter anyway.


  11. CoolGui says:

    Apple was a sponsor for the Late Night show but they probably didn’t want to pay the higher fee for the Tonight show. And if they don’t pay, they don’t show the logo because other manufacturers are unlikely to buy ads if their competitor’s logo is in every shot.


  12. zmapper1998 says:

    Couldn’t help but notice that @jimmyfallon’s sporting the Apple logo on his MacBook Pro again. Nice to see it make its debut @FallonTonight— Zachary T. Laidlaw (@ztlaidlaw) August 22, 2014

    Looks like Jimmy Fallon is showing the Apple logo again.