8GB iPhone 3GS en route to AT&T?

We’ve heard the reports that Canada’s Rogers was going to introduce an 8GB iPhone 3GS a few months ago, but now BGR is hearing that AT&T has similar plans to replace the low end $99 iPhone 3G with a faster iPhone 3GS.  Faster processor, more RAM faster network speeds at same price just in time for Christmas shoppers according to their source.  They also added:

One source said this was AT&T

Apple's Steve Jobs is Fortune's 'CEO of the Decade'

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Steve Jobs has been declared

OverDrive raises 1,001 iPod/Mac-friendly audiobooks for schools

Yet more eBook-related activity in the education markets, with library and schools provider, OverDrive, offering up 1,001 audiobooks to US schools.

The collection – designed to work on Macs, iPods and other platforms – reflects the increased willingness of schools in the US sector to embrace electronic learning, partially, of course, to tweak a little extra out of their budgets.

However, that today

WaveBurner mastering software gets Apple update

A slight upgrade for music makers out there, Apple has introduced WaveBurner 1.6.1, an update to the component application included within Logic Studio.

The upgrade resolves a number of niggles which had been impacting users of the CD mastering and authoring tool. Musicians use this to produce demo discs, premasters, Red Book