Future of iPad: Dual-app viewing mode, then J98/J99 ‘iPad Pros,’ multi-user support


Facing slowing growth for the first time since the iPad’s 2010 debut, Apple is working on several significant software and hardware updates to reinvigorate the tablet over the next year. Apple is developing a dual-app viewing mode, 12-inch iPads codenamed “J98″ and “J99,” as well as support for multi-user logins, according to sources briefed on the plans. First planned for debut last year, the split-screen applications feature for the iPad could be introduced as soon as June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, while multi-user login support and the 12-inch iPads will apparently arrive later…

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New Aussie ads show more expensive MacBook Pros/Airs and Mac Pros

Here’s Engadget’s thinking: Why would Apple advertise higher priced machines (pictured) if they weren’t about to upgrade their products soon with higher price points?  It’s a stretch.  

The MacBook Air is now A$400 more expensive, the MacBook Pros are A$300 more and A$900 more for the Pros.  Ouchy.  

Update: While these may be the older prices, they’ve also found pricing irregularities on Apple’s Australian and New Zealand Apple Store sites.


Adobe's Flash 10.1 on Palm Pre

So some dude walked over to the Palm table at GDC and picked up a Pre with Flash 10.1 on it.  Naturally, he went to Hulu.  

It didn’t work.  I probably would have left right there, but he tried some other site with some games

Flash in the iPad

Two stories are getting some airtime today.  One has NPR and the WSJ building special iPad versions of their websites without Flash (remember this was one of Steve Jobs requests last month when he visited the Journal?)  The sites will be basically the same but the Flash bits will be replaced largely by HTML5 elements.

Some of you might be thinking: Why not just build websites without Flash?  Why keep the Flash versions around at all?

The Motley Fool’s Eric Jhonsa responds that Flash isn’t going anywhere soon.  Whether you hate Flash or you love it, there are some realities that will keep Flash developers around for years to come.

The biggest issue is Internet Explorer.  

Internet Explorer still accounts for close to 60% of all Web browsing and it can’t properly render HTML5.  Interestingly, Internet Explorer 9 was previewed today and it apparently is going to be able to do HTML5.  But the IE crowd aren’t the “quick-to-update” types.  In fact, 21% of Web users (Net Applications latest study) use 2001’s IE6.  (2001 called and wants their browser

This comes from the Top: 27-inch iMacs are now officially fixed

Earlier this morning Frode Ersfjord sent Steve Jobs this message:

“When is Apple going to start consistently producing iMac displays without; yellow tinge, grey bars and horrible backlight bleeds?

I’m sick of calling Apple Care. I don’t need perfect, just halfway decent.”

Today, he got this response from Apple CEO Steve Jobs:

This problem is behind us. 

 –Sent from my iPhone

This seems to indicate that the 27-inch iMac issue is officially over, and Apple has confidently ruled out further iMac issues.  

Not that Apple didn’t already cryptically acknowledge that there were some issues and they’d been fixed.

In case you are wondering, El Jobso still rocks a 3.1.2 iPhone.

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Tue, 16 Mar 2010 08:22:53 -0700 (PDT)
Message-id: <4146E260-43C9-418A-8F83-B40C93972C8B@apple.com>
From: Steve Jobs <sjobs@apple.com>
To: Frode Ersfjord <>
In-reply-to: <874EBAFE-BC5D-484A-B446-C52EF9339764@me.com>
X-Mailer: iPhone Mail (7D11)
Subject: Re: Yellow tinge on iMac
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 08:22:52 -0700
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X-Brightmail-Tracker: AAAAAQAAAZE=

This problem is behind us.

Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 16, 2010, at 7:23 AM, Frode Ersfjord <>  

When is Apple going to start consistently producing iMac displays  

without; yellow tinge, grey bars and horrible backlight bleeds?

I’m sick of calling Apple Care. I don’t need perfect, just halfway  




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Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons) to write 'iCON' TV comedy

(NSFW Fake Steve accepting Crunchies award in 2008)

If you aren’t familiar with Fake Steve by now, go familiarize yourself.  Dan Lyons created the often hilarious and sometimes thoughtful persona while writing his comedic take on the options backdating issues following Steve Jobs a few years ago. Eventually, that writing made it to a book called Options.

The continued success of the blog, however, has drawn interest from the television community and Lyons has just signed a deal to bring his knowledge of the Valley tech and humor to a half-hour TV show.  The show will be co-written by Larry Charles of Seinfeld, Entourage, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

EPIX just signed on Emmy winning writer Larry Charles (

Survey finds 40% of Blackberry owners want to switch to iPhone

http://www.integrasys-corp.com/site/web.nsf/0/04534EDB167260B68625768F007AFBFE/$file/iphone-blackberry.jpgSillicon Valley-based Crowd Science released results from its survey of 1,140 respondents today revealing some interesting findings.  Almost 40% of Blackberry users surveyed said they would “prefer Apple’s iPhone for their next smartphone purchase,” aka when their contract is up, they are most likely heading to an Apple Store.

The big question left unanswered is: If these Blackberry users want iPhones so bad, why wouldn’t they just jump ship? We’re not pointing any fingers, but…AT&T is the one area which is considered a weakness in the iPhone ecosystem.  Also, for better or worse, some people prefer physical keyboards and may not feel comfortable making the switch to virtual.  And finally, there are still a lot of corporate networks out there that support Blackberry but don’t support iPhone.  This could prevent a Blackberry user from making the switch.

We’ve got some other interesting tidbits from the survey results below:

  • Brand loyalty for Android and iPhone are about the same at around 90%
  • Only 9% of iPhone owners said they’d swap right now for a Nexus One, compared to 32% of RIM owners
  • Following the launch of the Nexus One, 91% of iPhone users were aware of the phone, while 75% of Blackberry users were aware of it
  • 32% of iPhone owners use their phone only for personal use, whereas 28% of Android users, and 16% of Blackberry users do the same
  • Only 1% of iPhone owners use their phone only for business use, whereas 0% of Android users, and 7% of Blackberry users do the same
  • 44% of respondents owned a ‘dumbphone’, 17% owned iPhones, 15% carried Blackberrys, and 3% used Android devices.

You can view the PDF of the survey results here.

Apple files for more projector patents

Remember that Digitimes report that said Apple was going to be putting together some kind of projector device in 2010?  Well, if Apple were to do something like that, they’d probably want to patent it like crazy, right?  

Patently Apple today looks at a another projector patent from Apple that states that a projector could not only be put into an iPhone or MacBook, but also in an Airport Express type of device.  This product would act as a router and wireless hub and can get get projector video feeds from the devices over a network.

Previous Apple projector patents included the following verbiage:

“display 204 may include a movable display or a projecting system for providing a display of content on a surface remote from communications device 200 (e.g., a video projector).”

PayPal iPhone app adds 'Bump to Send Money' feature

PayPal updated their iPhone app earlier today with a bunch of new features, but by far the biggest addition was a ‘Bump to Send Money’ feature.  You may recognize ‘Bump’, as it was the billionth app downloaded from the App Store back in April of 2009.

But the combination of the two apps might just be a game-changer.

The new feature allows users to simply enter their payment information and bump to pay.  Pretty cool right?  Below you’ll find two screen shots of the new feature as well as some UBER corny videos the PayPal team threw together.

You can download the updated app here (U.S. store).