August 22, 2012

USB cable specialist Veister claims to have its hands on a sync cable for the next generation iOS devices with smaller dock connectors. The company tweeted the above image (via iLounge) to a number of publications and case makers today. Apple is including a smaller dock port on the new iPhone, but is also rumored to include it on a tweaked third-generation iPad, iPad mini, and on new iPods. According to iOS 6 beta code, the new connector will feature nine pins.

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Following a string of teaser videos in recent months, Sony appears to have confirmed its Sound Forge Pro audio editing software will make its way to Mac. MacRumors pointed us to the video above, posted by FinallyOnMac, which shows the software running on a MacBook Pro.

We can see from the video above that the software has been redesigned for OS X, but we still do not know when the production suite will make its way to OS X or for how much. The PC edition of Sound Forge Pro 10 currently sells for around $375. Its obvious competition is Apple’s own Logic Pro 9 suite, which became a $199 Mac App Store app as of last year, down from the its old $499 Logic Studio offering. We are getting our hands on Sound Forge for Mac soon to give you our first impressions.

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As always, we’ll update this list throughout the day with notable app news…

Wild Blood: Gameloft has officially released the first full length gameplay trailer for its upcoming ‘Wild Blood’ title. The third person action game, Gameloft’s first powered by Unreal Engine, will feature a single-player campaign, as well as co-op and arena modes. VentureBeat has first impressions from an iPad demo:

Though you’ll start out with just one giant sword, your arsenal increases as you earn experience points; in the demo (shown on an iPad 3), a leveled up Lancelot dual-wields a pair of magical axes and shoots enemies from afar with his bow… Combat leans toward a simple combo system that feels very responsive and smooth as Lancelot dodges and rolles his way through a large group (around a dozen or so) of demons. In a matter of seconds, these creatures became nothing more than a fine bloody mist.

AutoCad WS version 1.5.2: A nice update for Autodesk’s free AutoCAD WS iPad app brings support for the new iPad’s Retina display in addition to a number of bug fixes.

Adobe Photoshop Express version 2.5.1: Adobe’s free Photoshop Express iOS app gets updated today with a new variant of the Film Emulsion border and a fix for a white colour issue with Film Emulsion. Adobe also noted it “emphasized the free Effects and Borders with separate free categories.”
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AT&T just put up a lengthy response to the FaceTime controversy it started when it announced that only users of its new, more expensive Mobile Share Plans may use Apple’s feature. In short, AT&T says it is not bound by FCC Net Neutrality laws on FaceTime because it is a pre-installed App and can be disabled to the carrier’s liking.

 The FCC’s net neutrality rules do not regulate the availability to customers of applications that are preloaded on phones.  Indeed, the rules do not require that providers make available any preloaded apps.  Rather, they address whether customers are able to download apps that compete with our voice or video telephony services.   AT&T does not restrict customers from downloading any such lawful applications, and there are several video chat apps available in the various app stores serving particular operating systems. (I won’t name any of them for fear that I will be accused by these same groups of discriminating in favor of those apps.  But just go to your app store on your device and type “video chat.”)  Therefore, there is no net neutrality violation.

If FaceTime was a downloadable app, AT&T would be forced by FCC Net Neutrality laws to allow it to work properly.

By those measures, AT&T could block Google Hangouts on Android phones and Microsoft’s soon to be pre-installed Skype application on Windows 8 too.

Former lawyer Nilay Patel from The Verge had this to say:

AT&T alludes to possible network concerns in the last paragraph of the announcement, but the 3mb/minute lines up with other apps currently in use like Hulu/Netflix/Crackle/Sling/AmazonVideo or any of the downloadable VoIP apps.

If you feel AT&T should rethink this policy, perhaps signing the petition makes sense.

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