January 13, 2013

Immediately following the release of the Microsoft Surface in November, Microsoft sent its Windows head Steven Sinofsky packing. Just a couple of months later, he is already trying out a new platform: iOS.

We were tipped to a tweet from Sinofsky (@stevesi) from January 11th that was sent from Twitter for iPhone. We soon discovered a second tweet from the same platform on January 4th. Sinofsky is still tweeting from his Microsoft Surface and the Web, but we don’t see as many Windows Phone-based tweets as we do earlier in his Twitter timeline.

Sinofsky spent the last week at CES where he documented the 15 hours he spent on the show floor.

After all of those years using the required Windows Phones, it sure didn’t take him long to hop over to iOS.

Update: Sinofsky has commented on Twitter about his use of the iPhone:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.22.29 AM

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January 11, 2013

International CES 2013 is officially ending, so we decided to share some of what we saw from the show floor and surrounding events. 9to5Mac has tons of CES coverage for some of the most interesting new iOS accessories, advancements in display technology, and new Apple-related products we saw at the show right here, but below we have put together a collection of photos and video we shot while walking the many acres of CES exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Enjoy.

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I never thought I’d ever become a Network Attached Storage (NAS) evangelist but since I got my Synology DiskStation last year, it’s all I can do to keep from recommending it to everyone I know. DiskStations not only act as a reliable and speedy home file/backup server but they also provide a wealth of other features and apps for iOS and Android. On the server side, you can install just about any service you’d put on a Linux box (iTunes Music Server, WordPress, etc. the list is seriously impressive) but in a easy, reliable, speedy GUI.

On the client side, Diskstation iOS and Android apps are great ways to access your media and play them on just about any device you can connect to. You can do just about anything besides play your videos directly to your Apple TV (you can AirPlay them from an iOS device or add them to a local Mac’s iTunes library without moving the media with a ‘option-drag’).

So the news? With the release of DS 4.2 (Beta currently)  you now can stream AirPlay videos directly from your DiskStation to your AppleTV. As a bonus, DS 4.2 radically improves the performance of Apple File Protocol (AFP) which means Time Machine backups are going to be that much quicker.

AirPlay Streaming to TV

Video Station turns your living room into a real home theater. Stream epic action movies or episodes full of suspense from Video Station onto your widescreen TV, via Airplay. Control the playback single-handedly with your mobile device, leaving you with a free hand for popcorn and chips.

DS video as Remote Control for AirPlay

Make the home theater experience everywhere with the movies and TV shows you love to watch. DS video lets you stream videos onto the big screen with AirPlay services. Whether you are comfortably at home or visiting a friend, full-screen visual entertainment is ready at your call.

AFP (Apple File Protocol) performance enhancements — The speed of file transfers to the DiskStation has improved up to 52%. The following is a comparison between DSM 4.1 and DSM 4.2.

DSM 4.1 DSM 4.2 Improvement
DS212+ 45.2 MB/s 68.6 MB/s 51.6%

Lots more improvements come with 4.2. *High Five* fellow DiskStation owners! expand full story


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