August 6, 2012

iMore first reported late last month that Apple plans to hold a media event on Sept. 12 to introduce the much-rumored, next-generation iPhone and new iPad mini. Today, iMore is adding more information regarding what we can expect from the event. It claimed sources have indicated Apple will update its entire iOS device lineup to support the new, smaller dock connector.

According to iMore:

iMore has learned that Apple intends to update their entire lineup of iOS device products to support the new, miniaturized Dock connector, and to do it as early the rumored September 12 special event this fall. This would include the new iPhone 5, the the new iPod nano and iPod touch, the rumored 7-inch iPad mini, and an updated version of the current 9.7-inch iPad.

iLounge reported last week Apple would update the 9.7-inch iPad with a thinner design, smaller dock connector, and a new backside mic while also addressing heat issues. iMore’s sources agreed that Apple plans to bring the smaller dock connector to the new iPad, but it is unclear if this would be a refreshed third-gen iPad or an iPad 4,1. Earlier this month, iMore also claimed Apple plans to sell a 30-pin adapter for the new smaller dock connector that will allow new iOS devices to work with old 30-pin accessories.

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Our usual list of apps and updates is below kicking off with a couple notable updates from over the weekend to the Instapaper and vjay apps:

vjay version 1.0.1: One of the biggest updates today goes to algoriddim’s video-mixing vjay app that we introduced you to a couple of months ago. Included in version 1.0.1 is support for 1080p videos up to 30 FPS, new settings like Auto Repeat and Play Automatically, and improved MIDI support for both the ION iDJ 2 Go MIDI controller and Numark Mixdeck Quad.

Instapaper version 4.2.4: The iPhone and iPad Instapaper app received an update that includes improvements to dark-mode and link colors, pagination performance, and support for Chrome, Buffer, and iCab Reading List in the Share panel. A full list of what’s new is below:

– Improved pagination performance.
– Improved dark-mode colors and link colors. (More on that front soon.)
– Removed short URLs from all remaining Twitter sharing methods. Now that URLs are supported by nearly all apps, custom short URLs are unnecessary and they only inconvenience Twitter readers, so they’re gone. Your links are yours and should have as few intermediaries as possible.
– Removed rarely-used “Print” feature.
– Added Buffer, Chrome, and the upcoming iCab Reading List to the Share panel.
– Added “Report a text problem” to article footers so customers can help improve Instapaper’s parsing of certain pages.
– Improved Pinboard login security to use their new token system instead of storing passwords.
– Made syncing even faster.
– Fixed bugs from the future.

Discovery Channel HD version 1.9: In anticipation of the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, the Discovery Channel app was just updated with an “interactive second screen experience, synchronized to select shows from Shark Week.”

Using ACR (automatic content recognition) technology, this deeper dive into Shark Week features exclusive photos, behind-the-scenes information, revealing production shots, interactive infographics, shark trivia and much more! 

Discovery Channel is offering Shark Week Plus exclusivity to iPad users each night of Shark Week from 9 to 10PM e/p, and Shark Week Bingo from 10-11PM e/p. Shark Week’s 25th anniversary begins Sunday, August 12.

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AT&T announced its new mobile data sharing plans last month that allows customers to share data between their phones and tablets while also allowing families or businesses to share data across their devices. Adding to the announcement, AT&T just announced this morning that the plan would be available to its customers Aug. 23. The carrier provided a tool for families to calculate just how much data they need, offering from 1GB to a whopping 20GB of data. Here is the cost matrix:

Sadly, you need an activated smartphone to use a shared data plan. It is disappointing you cannot go data only, because just being able to buy shareable data for a few iPads and Macs would have been useful. Will this save any of you money? I think it comes down to personal use.

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Over the years, Sharp has served as one of the key suppliers to Apple for several parts. Sharp’s president even said late last week that the company will begin shipping displays for the sixth-generation iPhone next month. The device is expected to be announced and to ship around the same time. You would think that Sharp would be well off with a contract from Apple, but that does not look to be the case. Sharp is in hot water, reported BloombergFoxconn may be in-line to help the company survive, however, thus benefiting Apple.

You may remember when Foxconn announced that it bought a stake in Sharp in May. The company announced last week that it was seeking a lower price for the purchase, but it would continue to back the company. Bloomberg said that Foxconn wants to secure the stake in order to secure parts for its large client, Apple. Apple, of course, is one of the biggest parts buyers in the world, as it buys from Sharp, Foxconn, LG, Japan Display, and more.

Apple has a large bet on Sharp to ship its product worldwide. Without a key supplier like Sharp, Cupertino-based Apple could face huge delays when shipping a product by not keeping up with demand. Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has iterated the need to keep up with demand on the company’s quarterly earnings call time-and-time again. Furthermore, Sharp is said to be a key supplier for the rumored Apple television set that somewhat-famed, Apple-focused analyst Gene Munster said is coming sometime during 2013. Apple needs Sharp.

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According to a translated report from, images of the tray for Apple’s new nano-SIM design started surfacing from China. In June, the ESTI was thought to have selected Apple’s new SIM card design for its 4FF standard, and reports from just last month claimed European carriers are stockpiling the new SIMs in anticipation of a next-gen iPhone launch. A smaller home button appears to also be present in some of the images, which of course lines up with previous leaks.

Presented as being designed to slip into the SIM card slot of the iPhone 5, this element seems in turn confirm that the next iPhone indeed adopt this new standard imposed by Apple. I take this article to drag other photos with us in passing a Home button which should equip the iPhone 5 and which is also slightly smaller than previous generations, details of which we heard last Friday.

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