Review: RoboMouse HD is a classic strategy game reinvented for the iPad


RoboMouse HD is a new iPad strategy and tower-defense game from LongKoo Studio. It features a straightforward premise and easy-to-pickup gameplay mechanic that can be quickly learned, but takes time to master. While the strategy game genre is not lacking for entries, RoboMouse HD is a fun addition to the existing landscape that can provide hours of fun. Keep reading for our full review to find out why you should grab your own copy.

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Remember Microsoft’s Courier idea? J Allard funded ‘Tapose’ iPad app goes live today

We told you in May 2011 that a new company called “Taposé” aimed to bring functionality from Microsoft’s dual-screen Courier tablet concept to the iPad. The iPad app was still early in development then, but has since reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. It also received backing from Microsoft’s J Allard who headed the Courier project at Microsoft, and now Apple finally approved it for the App Store:

(Update: It is live now!)
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Facebook iPad app to be announced at upcoming Apple event?

Mashable is reporting that Facebook’s long-awaited iPad app will be announced at Apple’s upcoming event, which will most likely occur on October 4th. In addition to the iPad app, Facebook will reportedly be launching a revamped iPhone app and new HTML 5 version of the mobile site.

You may remember that the iPad app was leaked earlier this year, but was subsequently removed from within the iPhone app. According to a post from former Facebook engineer Jeff Verkoeyen the app is ready, and Facebook is waiting to release it. An event alongside Apple seems somewhat logical, though the companies don’t have the greatest history with each other.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple is said to be integrating Facebook into its iOS 5 the way Twitter is now integrated. Facebook was integrated into prototype versions of iOS 4 but a falling out between Zuckerberg and Apple got them kicked off (screenshot below).


Though Facebook wants to move to HTML 5 as their main platform, they will also be releasing a revamped iPhone app with speed improvements according to the report. If true, October 4th is sure to be a big day with the unveiling of the next iPhone, iOS 5, and now the Facebook iPad app.

A few more screenshots after the break:

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Boxee releases iPad app that features Mac to iPad video streaming

Boxee has just released a free iPad app that allows users to stream almost any video type from their computer. Streaming features aside, the app is focused at helping users find content to watch online from their friends and what’s popular. Sharing is done through the Friends tab, which is a queue of everything your friends are sharing through Boxee’s social service. There is a also a Popular tab showing what the world can’t get enough of.

The social features are cool, but we really love the Watch Later bookmark you can use to bookmark videos from around the web. The bookmark takes an Instapaper approach and will queue up the videos on your iPad for viewing later. To go along with their Boxee Box, you can also send a video that you were watching on your iPad to your big screen — almost Air Play like.

Check it out in the App Store.

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