4G iPhone for January rumors a little half-baked

Look, we want the most awesome iPhone available to be on Verizon’s network ASAP.  But the rumor today about the 4G iPhone waiting in stockpiles isn’t realistic at all.

Remember how Apple’s original iPhone was EDGE at a time when most new phones were coming out with the new 3G technology?  The reasons: Cost, complexity, size, battery life and benefit to the user.

Every single one of those factors also applies to 4G.  The chips aren’t mature, the network is just being rolled out, and the battery life will take a hit.  Have you seen how long an EVO 4G battery lasts with 4G on?  How big it is?

Besides, one of the big benefits of 4G is use as a hotspot, something no un-jailbroken iPhone can do yet.

So iPhone 4G?  Yes!  January?  No. Read more

Does Verizon need iPhone more than it has been letting on?

Asymco has an interesting report today in which analyst Horace Dediu argues that Verizon may need the iPhone more than its letting on, and suggests Google Android may not be as big a business as many think it to be.

To be fair, while Dediu makes a good argument for his points, critics are already pointing out that they are based on data which may not be 100 per cent accurate, and that Verizon’s best month was in August, two months after iPhone 4 shipped. (Though it was only a slightly better month on back of hype around new product from Samsung).

We’ve had an update from the sources of the orginal data, which is posted at the foot of this article:

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