The Euro has been hard charging all year against the dollar but seems to be settling comfortably in the $1.35-$1.37 area – at least in the near term. This obviously puts Apple’s products at a much higher price point in continental Europe (and an absurdity point in the UK). Now I know that the included tax has a great deal with it as the/us Europeans are a bit more on the socialist side. Digression…

Anyway, the playing field is about to get a bit more even now that Apple has, along with yesterday’s upgrades, announced a price cut on MacBooks in Europe, the most popular line of Apple’s computers. They are sure to follow at the WWDC across the board to level the playing field across the board/pond.

Cheers Apple! Especially from all of us who cross the Atlantic having to mule Apple Equipment to our compatriots overseas. Not that I’ve have ever carried 3 iPods and 4 MacBook Pros oversaes in one trip…but I’ve heard stories.

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