Another milestone has been reached as hard drives keep getting bigger and bigger and cheaper and cheaper.  The sub 10 cent Gigabyte era is upon us as a few retailers are selling 1TB hard drives for $100.  Frequent advertisers, Other World Computing are offering Samsung Spinpoint P drives for $99. 

Also Amazon is offering is offering a Seagate Barracuda for $100 (since raised back to $130).  If you are a rebate kind of person you can get a 1Tb drive at NewEgg for $99 after $30 rebate.

1TB drives have been coming down in price more significantly since larger 1.5 TB drives have hit the market.

What makes SATA drives more interesting/fun is that you can use them like hot swapable disk drives if you get a USB docking station (like pictured).  They have standardized power/interface port locations acoss all drives and manufacturers.

The first hard drive I ever bought was a 80 MB SCSI Hard drive which was just under $1000.  Today, if someone gave me a 80 MB USB Key, I’d probably toss it.


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