Some details of Apple’s new North Carolina data center were revealed today by the Charlotte Observer.  According to the paper, the purpose of the site is primarily to support iTunes and App Stores.  That means that Apple is looking at taking over some of the services provided by firms like Akamai to stream media and apps to Apple devices.  Interestingly, Apple at one time owned a significant portion of Akamai.

Apple is expected to support its iTunes and iPhone stores from the Maiden site, which will be its only operation on the East Coast.

The paper also mentioned some other interesting facts:

The data center will use about 20 megawatts annually – enough to power 16,000 homes.

At $1 billion, it is the largest private investment in North Carolina, Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco said at the Monday night announcement.

North Carolina provided incentives of $46 million. Apple will bring an estimated $10 million in extra tax revenue over the 10 years for Maiden and Catawba County. That does not include revenue on water sales to Hickory or about $200,000 a year to Maiden as a tax on power sales.

the site that won over Apple. That parcel was a winner because it has access to large amounts of power and water and both primary and backup supplies of each.


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