Apple has quietly upgraded its Time Capsule product, introducing a new higher capacity model, but kept prices unchanged.

The new Time Capsule is available with a 2TB capacity – more than enough to  support wireless back-up for multiple Macs. A 1TB model is also available. Prices are $499 (2TB) or $299 (1TB), exactly the same price points as before but with double the capacity.  They now also offer the previous (refurb) 500GB ones for $199.

Time Capsule is a back-up appliance that automatically and wirelessly backs up everything on one or more Macs running Leopard. The product also includes a dual-radio 802.11n base station (so you can use it as an AirPort connection to set up a network), three Gigabit Ethernet ports and is equipped with a "server grade" hard drive.


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