As the world grows ever more curious at what Apple will reveal at its keynote event today, and commentators ponder a Sky News report in which Yoko Ono said music from The Beatles will indeed make it to iTunes, Apple has quietly applied price cuts across its existing iPod touch range.

The price cuts – presumably to offload existing stocks of older models to make way for the new – also lend some weight to claims Apple will introduce an iPod touch at a new low price, perhaps $149 (you can now buy a refurb 2nd Gen iPod Touch for exactly $149).

As it is, visitors to the Apple Store in the US can today pick up an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB iPod touch at generous discounts on their usual price – cheaper than Amazon’s recently discounted prices

The 8GB model has seen a $40 discount, it now costs $189; the 16GB model has seen a $50 price cut, now retailing at $249 while the 32GB iPod touch is available for $279 – that’s a $120 saving on the previous price.

It doesn’t stop there: Apple has also cut costs for iPod nano customers – that product now costs $129 for the 8GB model and $149 for the 16GB version.  Refurb Nanos now start at $99 for 8GB and go to $129 for 16GB.

Even the iPod classic, reports of the death of which we feel might have been greatly exaggerated – has seen a discount, from $269 to $249.

As we all believe, Apple will announce its new range of camera-equipped iPods within hours.

(Oh, there’s a tiny £5 discount on prices as announced in September 08 on the UK Apple store, but we’ve no idea when these were put in place, and doubt UK readers will see a fiver’s saving as particularly significant).

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