AppleTV day continues here at 9to5mac…Loopinsight has found some localization strings inside AppleTV which refer to iTunesU syncing.  Currently, AppleTV doesn’t play content from iTunesU which leads them to believe that there is an update to AppleTV arriving in the near future. 

While this isn’t a monumental update in functionality, it does mean that something (anything?!) more may be put into the AppleTV in Apple’s future.  Perhaps AppleTV will see and additional life as a university dorm kiosk or a medium to communication for eLearning.

Many have wondered what is in store for Apple’s hobby, whether it is going to turn into a home gaming system, an App Store compatible WebTV, or simply be shelved.  We think this might be a good sign that there are some more good updates in the pipe.


The text of the file can be seen below:


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