morgankeegan_AAPL_101209Morgan Keegan’s Tavis McCourt is reporting that Apple is set to again beat numbers on the strength of its MacBook Pro refresh combined with Snow Leopard introduction earlier this year.  He remarks that Snow Leopard has been selling well at Amazon and Best Buy (our web analytics would agree with that) and has "goosed" sales of Apple’s computers. 

He’s also been tracking online sales of MacBooks at the two biggest retail outlets (image, right) where they’ve been best sellers.  Amazon currently has the MacBook Pro at the #2 and #6 spot but it has led most of the quarter

McCourt (who we’ve watched on video here) expects Apple to exceed consensus estimates and its own guidance on the company in advance of its fourth quarter financials a week from today:

“Apple (AAPL) continues to execute well across its major product categories,” McCourt wrote in a note to clients today. “ … we believe trends are faring better than expected, with a notable increase in Mac demand following the release of Snow Leopard in early September. We believe this reflects the improved value proposition of the MacBook Pro line (updated last June with new price points), which have been performing particularly well on both Amazon and Best Buy’s top sellers charts, two web sites that we believe provide a decent proxy for sell-through trends in the U.S. consumer PC market.”


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