Gizmodo got some mixed signals for Apple Marketing EVP Phil Shiller today.  They first heard Schiller say, "There are not going to be any new Apple products this year" which they then posted including the bit:

Don’t hold your breath or credit card. That magic MacBook with the new Intel CPU and chipset? Not gonna happen until 2010. Carry on.

Apple, however called them up and said that a better way to put it would be that the "Holiday lineup is set". 

Update: Interesting, after reading this, Apple called and said that the actual quote is "The holiday lineup is set." Weird. As far as I know, if "the holiday lineup is set," then there would not be any new products in 2010, right?

What does it all mean?  Will there be updates to Apple’s MacBook Pros, maybe a camera for that iPod touch?

In possibly related news, Aperture X looks like it might be shipping before the end of the year.  We saw the Amazon clue last week.  Hardmac says it was a phoney date assigned and the product will be shipping with the new name that aligns the product with Apple’s OS X.


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