Move over Limera1n, there’s a new iOS 4.1 Jailbreak tool in town, and this one’s greenpois0n — though at time of writing it seems a little uncertain if the tool is available or not.

Released for Windows and Linux systems following a short delay last night, the tool supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the third and forth generation iPod touch, and the iPad. It doesn’t yet support the current Apple TV, and a Mac version is promised somewhere down the line.

However, the release was taken offline by its developers within an hour of its release. The announcement of the release was also been removed from the developer’s blog. All seems in order once again now, though it has been suffixed RC3 rather than RC2. No explanation of this has been given.

The jailbreak software had been expected to ship a couple of days ago, but the developers opted to use the bootrom USB exploit recently disclosed by another iPhone jailbreaker, geohot, instead of the exploit they had originally intended using. This is in order that the developers have another way to jailbreak phones in the event that Apple blocks the current exploit.

The usual caveats apply to this software: jailbreaking your iOS device is at your own risk and can invalidate Apple’s warranties.

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