Boy Genius Report claims that Apple’s CDMA/Verizon iPhone has just hit “AP” status which means the device is currently being field tested and is rocking final hardware. This is the final step before the final software gets loaded on the device and this is the step right before retail.

For comparison, this is the stage after the stage of Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 prototype. So, we’re clearly pretty close to that Verizon iPhone if BGR’s sources know what they’re talking about – they usually do. One important feature of this CDMA iPhone is a SIM card slot. BGR speculates that this Verizon iPhone will be the CDMA/GSM model. Or, the SIM card could be for international users.

BGR also states, that this iPhone 3,2 may not even be the CDMA iPhone, but just an improved iPhone 4 without the antenna issues. – This would be a major party buster though.

Boy Genius Report also claims that Apple’s 5th-generation iPhone is in EVT-mode and this is the development stage directly prior to the stage Gizmodo’s leak was in. This means Apple is currently testing the engineering aspects of the device and is almost ready to being testing final hardware. BGR does not discuss any features of Apple’s next-gen device.

The image above is not the Verizon or 5th-gen iPhone.

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