Daily Mail reports that one of the original Apple 1’s, sold out of Jobs’ parents’ garage in 1976, will go up for sale at Christie’s in London for a whopping 150k euros. That’s around $200K. Apple’s first shot at a computer comes with all the fixings: manuals, box etc. and even a nice letter from Jobs himself. Only 200 of these machines were produced with only a few surviving today. This model of Apple 1 is actually the higher-end model that included the read-write capability for an extra $75 at the time. The actual unit cost $666.66 back then and did they start selling them on Friday the 13th?

Interesting to note is that the Apple 1 came with 8K of RAM. The current Mac Pro can take in 64 GB RAM. Anyone interested in this piece of important Apple history can get it at Christie’s in London on November 23rd. Anyone interested? Photo of what’s included, including Jobs’s letter, after the break.

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