Although this is not confirmation for the rumored Verizon iPhone, it looks like Verizon Wireless may have acquired the domain names and The domain names appear to have been originally registered through GoDaddy to Jack Benton then later transferred to the Mark Monitor domain service. Benton owns the domain names and and judging by the those site designs being the same as’s design, he was the one who transferred or sold the Verizon iPhone domain to Verizon.

The new registration information for the and domains are identical to other domain registered to Verizon. Because domain registration information can be faked, this rumored domain transfer is still unconfirmed. We are skeptical of its legitimacy as it seems odd that Verizon would register such a high-profile domain with their actual information.

Even if Verizon did purchase those domain names this is still not proof of a soon-launching Verizon iPhone as they could have purchased them for a later date (not an early 2011 iPhone launch) or could have purchased them simply due to rumors and for potential traffic.  Verizon could also be scooping up potential brand infringing domains like Bank of America owns

Also, at this time, the two domain names still forward to Benton’s website, not to anything from Verizon. Verizon may still forward to his site in order to stay under the radar. Thanks, Anonymous for the lead.

Update: First to point out how skeptical we were from the beginning and second, MacRumors says they were transferred in 2008.

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