Proving good products do their own marketing Apple’s taken a giant thumbs-up from its growing enterprise market with no less than Deutsche Bank declaring there’s “no going back” to BlackBerry after an “overwhelmingly positive” iPhone trial. The bank had been testing Apple’s iPad internally. Deutsche Bank Equity Research’s Chris Whitmore says it has been running a two month trial of iPhones using Good Technology’s secure e-mail application.

The email solution uses Microsoft Exchange through a custom interface which makes the process seem similar to using a Gmail account on an iPhone, and the experience has been so good the company is convinced.

The result “was a fantastic experience as it was easier/faster to access data (touch UI) than on the Blackberry. It was also great to only have to carry one device for personal and corporate email access,” Whitemire told FinExtra.

There’s some criticism regarding background email downloading and some of status message alerts, despite which “positives far outweigh” these. Whitmore says there’s no going back after the trials and suggest there will be large deployments of the Apple devices across the bank.

80 per cent of Fortune 100 enterprises are deploying or have deployed the iPad according to Apple’s COO Tim Cook.

Other banks testing iPhones at present include Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered and UBS. Which is very bad news for BlackBerry — and good news too for the iPad

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