Mac OSX Lion just hit the Torrent sites but obviously it isn’t wise to download and use software from there.  In fact, since Lion was downloaded from the app store, it likely has a developer’s signature which might lead to his/her banishment from the developer program.  The software also talks to Apple at (not to be a little snitch)

It really makes little sense to download it from a shady site however when Apple offers a Mac Dev account for just $99.  Access to the dev account has traditionally given developers access to not just the current version of the Mac OS Client and Server software, but also to the newest builds including timely Lion updates.

As for us, we’re seeing a pretty heavy influx of Lion users.  Interestingly, the explosion started two days ago when we saw about 20x increase (perhaps Apple had an internal rollout) and then of course yesterday we saw almost 1000 Lion visitors.  So far today, that percentage has increased to almost 2% of our overall Mac traffic.

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