A Nielsen study issued yesterday has brought to light interesting stuff regarding how we spend time with out mobile gadgets. The research note, sourced from 12,000 respondents, revealed that seven out of ten people use their tablets while watching television, presumable to fetch more information about the topic at hand, check quotes and weather, access their electronic programming guide and more. Nearly the same percentage of smartphone owners (68 percent) play with their handset while in front of the living room tube. This compares to only 35 percent of e-reader owners. Here’s a couple more interesting findings plus another colorful chart.


About 57 percent of tablet owners use their gadget in bed versus 51 percent of smartphone owners and 61 percent of e-reader owners. Tablet fans spend 30 percent of their device time while watching TV and 21 percent while lying in bed. One fifth of smartphone owners’ device time is spent in front of television and about eleven percent while lying in bed. As for e-reader owners, only fifteen percent of their device time is spent watching TV and a whopping 37 percent in bed.

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