Planking, for those uninitiated, is the act of laying flat and faced down with arms to the sides of the body in the strangest (and often dangerous) places and – need I say – snapping a photographic evidence of it. This latest fad has reached the Apple Store where employees have been caught planking on the job. ElectricPig discovered the amusing Apple Store Planking blog where a bunch of problematic images have been posted by Apple Store plankers. Wondering what planking right on the Genius Bar looks like?

The blog hosts a bunch of shots showing store employees planking on a row of iMac boxes, even right on the Genius Bar. One employee has been photographed planking on a single MacBook Pro box, presumably borrowed from the stockroom. Even though plankers’ faces are blurred, this doesn’t bode well for their employment. I imagine Apple’s investigative team is hard at work exposing their identities. I for one wouldn’t wanna buy a MacBook that’s been planked on, even with Consumer Reports hearting Apple’s shiny notebooks. By the way, notice the blog’s tagline: “The funnest sport ever. Now a blog. This changes everything. Again.”

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