Eying a quadricopter? Parrot’s AR.Drone may be the best consumer quadricopter you’ll ever want, but at nearly $300 it isn’t for everyone. Not to worry, Keyword Shopping has you covered. The creators of MicroSIMCutter.com just launched the iHelicopter, an RC helicopter that can be navigated using a free controller app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

It’s real simple, you just plug the included transmitter into the audio jack of your device, crank up the volume to the max and fly your iHelicopter around by tilting your device in any direction. Both the the transmitter and the iHelicopter are charged via USB. One note: You won’t be spying on your neighbors with this thing as it doesn’t have on board cameras that feed live video to your iOS gadget. Four different iHelicopter models are offered at iHelicopters.net, each at $60 a pop, which includes free shipping to any destination in the world. More features right below the fold…

iHelicopter features

Movement: Left/Right Rotation, Forward/Back, Hover and Land Control Range: 8~10 meter 3 Channel Band Selection (A/B/C) Gyro Tilt Control Suitable for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models

Charge Time:

– Transmitter: 120 minutes – Helicopter: 45 minutes

Playing Time:

– Transmitter: 120 minutes – iHelicopter: 8-10 minutes

Package Contents:

– iHelicopter (100% Assembled) – Transmitter – Spare Rotor Blades (2x) – Spare Tail Propeller – USB Charger Cable – Instruction Manual

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