We already knew that Apple has been trying to get iPhone 4s made in Foxconn’s new Brazil plant, but we have to see any iPhones with “Designed by Apple in California, Made in Brazil” engravings on the back in the hands of customers. Now, thanks to Brazilian website MacMagazine, we may have our first look at such a device. While obviously unconfirmed, the publication says that a reader has gotten their hands on an 8GB white iPhone 4 with “Brazilian Industry” written on the back instead of “Made in China.” The labeling, of course, is written in Portuguese. Additionally, the model number labeling includes a “BR” for Brazil at the end of the scheme (image after the break). On a final note, the site says Brazilians should expect to be able to pick up their own 8GB iPhone 4 on December 2nd. Have you spotted your own Brazilian-made iPhone? Let us know.

More images at MacMagazine.

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